Ugly Pug: Tank Healers Should Heal Hunters First, Not Tanks in VoA

Yeah, long title… but what I was told

The title story this week is from my own server.  Names have been eliminated out of respect for my server. 

On the disc priest – VoA10 – NOT cross server.  I’m asked to come in and heal by a guildie.  Sure, I can use the frost badges.  I get in there and see one of the people from our last guild split… we don’t get along, but eh, I figure we can do an instance together – I don’t mind all that much and it’s not like VoA takes long or anything.  We get to Toravon, and I’m dumping heals on the [undergeared] OT, as is the other healer – plus trying to keep the main tank up [my focus] and the other healer is trying to throw some raid heals in addition to helping with the OT.  I literally have no time to do anymore more than throw a power word shield on myself so the raid healer [a druid] can heal me back up so I can keep the tanks up.  Hunter from the other guild ends up dying – and starts snarking in raid chat about “great heals on the hunters lol”.  My druid counterpart commented that hunters were not top priority and she was doing her best, and I added that I sorta had my hands full keeping the tanks up.  “I’m outie then.”  You heard it here first – Hunters have priority on heals over tanks!  And should be healed through standing in stuff – by the TANK healer! 

ETA: Apparently me not focusing on the dps as a tank healer has greatly offended several people.  I still have yet to fathom why nor am I going to waste any more time listening to QQ about it.  I throw raid heals when I can as a tank healer.  I did my level best on that run and I have nothing to be sorry for.

I got into an H-ToC on my disc priest.  Tank has 30k health… eh, no big… so they need a little gear.  Until they start taking massive craptons of damage.  Half asleep, I don’t bother to check the guy on armory till the last fight – Nuus of Akama had 469 defense.  And I healed him through H-ToC with only 2 wipes.  I mentally kicked myself for not being as aware as usual – because I should have known there was a problem when I couldn’t even spare a bubble for the dps, and the tank always stayed at a sliver of health [except for the times he shot down so quick and we wiped].  He cussed me out when I told him never to come back till he was def capped.

Trowalicious – Eitrigg; Lightsblade – Aegwynn; Painsmygame – Gundrak – biggest fail run in a while – The two uber dps couldn’t watch their threat – or wouldn’t.  The pally healer couldn’t heal worth crap.  Vote kicked hubby for not holding threat [he just started gearing up his dk to tank – and ICC25 geared dps blasting offtargets was not helpful], so I refused to requeue – made them vote kick me.  All the hunter could say was “u suck” and couldn’t be bothered to spell it right – though he spelled it about 10 wrong ways… always entertaining lol.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Ugly Pug: Tank Healers Should Heal Hunters First, Not Tanks in VoA”

  1. I’m not sure I understand why you refuse to list names of bad puggers on our server. You do so for any other server. It is at the end of the day your blog so your rules.

    I’m just confused on why you would protect bad players on Tho Bro.

  2. My preference is to avoid ‘naming and shaming’ altogether on my blog. I don’t think it does any good in the long run. I prefer to point out the *behavior*, since the person likely doesn’t care, since they did whatever it was in the first place. I just stick to generic “a sucky warlock from Akama” or “the warrior who couldn’t tank his way out of a paper bag” or something.

  3. I don’t think most people understand the sort of pressure it puts on the healers when you have an undergeared tank. There’s a big difference between “can” heal through it and “should” heal through it. If the tank takes up all of the attention because he’s taking a disproportionate (to what’s expected) amount of damage, then that means that everyone else gets less attention by default. People tend to forget that healing is a finite resource that must be divided among a limited number of people. Just because the healer sees your health bar hovering at 50% does not necessarily mean he can do anything about it. If the tank is taking damage to the point that he cannot survive 2 global CDs without a heal, the healer probably can’t spare a CD to help you. It’s not pretty, but it’s the reality of healing.

    If only these people that are so concerned with how long their health is low had some way to heal themselves (like, say, healthstones, health pots, and bandages). /sarcasm

    Seems to me the raid would have been better off with one less mouthy hunter and one more healer. 😉

  4. As a tank, I figure that I have two jobs: holding aggro and not dying. That’s it. The not dying part is partly my responsibility and partly the healers – you can bet that I’m going to do my best – whether it be from gearing, spec, blowing cooldowns or just moving out of the fire – to make the healer’s job as easy as possible.

    As for the DPS needing heals, as far as I can tell, there are 3 ways that a DPS can take damage:

    1) Overaggroing the tank and getting beaten up.
    2) Not moving out of the funny stuff on the floor.
    3) Unavoidable raid damage.

    Only one of those should be something that the healer has to deal with, the other two are the DPS’s responsibility…

    I swear, 50% of the DPS that I run with make me want to scream…

  5. My priest has been called fail heals for not keeping a 35k warrior healed through H ToC… he only had 440 defense and nothing but plus Stamina enchants and gems… Just because you have a bigger health pool, you can still be one shot if mitigation isn’t enough…

    As for Hunter’s that complain about Healing? Learn to FD and STFU. I’m the last one to be healed on my hunter, and if I am running low, fricking band-aiding helps out a bunch.

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