71 point specs are nothing short of laziness.

I went into H-PoS this morning on my warlock – hoping to snag the boots off the final boss [which I did get].  Our first healer had to leave randomly after getting herself killed on Ick and we got a resto shaman.  A 71 point resto shaman.  A 71 point resto shaman without any gems or enchants in his gear.  And he could barely heal.  Every single pull was a frustration.  I was draining life left and right… I dare not even life tap, wanding instead.  The poor tank is hovering in the 10k and under range all the time.  And to top it off, the shaman wasn’t even dropping totems until someone requested he drop it on the disease mob pulls.  It took us several wipes, but we did manage to down him – 2 plus people dying per pull – usually the other two dps and usually due to splash aoe damage – some avoidable, some not so much.

This is all sheer laziness.  I can understand green gems in gear, especially offspec gear, or low level enchants, or even missing the helm/shoulder enchants because you may not have a toon with the rep to get them.  I’ve bought a piece of gear before that was a solid upgrade and had my queue pop before I had the chance to gem it.  I either made sure my stats were capped or I used the old piece for one more run.  I’ve even forgotten to add belt buckles to alts and such.  Stuff happens, people are human, heroics aren’t raids – every piece need not be perfectly gemmed and enchanted.  Even now, my shaman’s resto offspec is riddled with blue quality gems.  I probably need to replace the int gems I have with some haste to help my spells get out a bit faster.

And I can understand not going with the cookie cutter Elitist Jerks approved spec.  I’ve developed variations on some of my toons that suit my playstyle.  But that’s usually after spending a time working with the so called “cookie cutter” spec and finding a talent I need more.  Skipping essential talents can be just as glaring as taking 71 points in a spec.  I’ve seen holy pallies skip beacon of light – I kid you not.  Raiding Tankadins not taking Judgements of the Just.  Rets not take Art of War and Vindication; Dual Wield DKs take the 2h specialization and not take the dw.  2h dks take the dual wield talents.  I’ve seen tanks stack stamina to the exclusion of even defense.  Then there’s the hunters in shaman spellpower gear; rogues in druid spellpower gear, etc and so forth.  People please.  Go google your class and desired spec and you can easily find a run down on what stats you need, and some prescribed specs in under 5 minutes.  Or go copy off a player you admire – that’s what I did for my arcane spec on my mage and my resto spec on my shaman.  What they’re gemming and enchanting is probably good for you too.

If you’re on a farming toon – fine – go 71 points – I honestly don’t care.  I see a lot of people whose farming toon is a 71 point spec frost mage.  It may not be optimized but it works for what they’re doing.  But if you’re going to play with others – whether tanking, dpsing or healing, please do a TINY bit of research and put a little bit of effort into it.  Obviously you cared enough to get the toon to 80.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “Laziness”

  1. I’ll cop to being lazy on toons (usually alts) when they’re lowbies. For the first 30-ish levels, until I’m sure they’ll stick around, sure…I don’t do my homework. But by the time I’ve hit 80 on a toon, you better bet I’ve done some looking around so I know what’s what. I sure as heck wouldn’t go into a Heroic and have ungemmed, unenchanted stuff. If it’s an alt, I may have green/blue gems at first, and not AS good enchants, cause the gear is going to quickly (I hope) be replaced, but I’ll have *something*.

  2. Oh, and btw, I keep forgetting, but if you would be so kind as to let me know the exact measurements your header requires (it’ll show it somewhere in the appearance area or something), that’d be spiffy. I need to make you a pretty, freakin awesome banner!

  3. I’m with you guys on this. Without mentioning any names, there was recently some hubbub about this in one of my guilds because people were showing up to even ICC raids with ungemmed/unenchanted gear, claiming it was “too expensive” to gem or enchant transition gear. I guess they aren’t planning to “waste” money on gems or enchants until they get best in slot.

    I just don’t get this attitude. I might sometimes have a blue quality gem in a lower-level piece, or use the second-best enchant, but I won’t leave a socket empty or a piece unenchanted. Heck, I still feel pretty bad about even using blue quality gems on gear.

    It just never ceases to amaze me how people go gaga over a gear upgrade that has an extra 40 or 50 spellpower on it, but those same people will leave 200-ish spellpower worth of gems and enchants empty because they’re too cheap or lazy to spring for them.

  4. I hate laziness with this kind of stuff. As you said, if it’s a farming alt or something, who cares. But if you ever plan on doing a heroic, a raid, or even a BG, your laziness starts to effect other people, and that is not okay.

    I’m the complete opposite. I start speccing into a viable raid spec as soon as I hit level 10. Not always great for levelling, but I can’t help it.

  5. I don’t usually account such things to laziness, but moreso ignorance. (Although laziness is definitely a factor in many cases.)

    I know that the only reason I know to do research is because my girlfriend started doing so. I really didn’t give it that much thought or concern. I wasn’t lazy. I just wasn’t aware to the point that the thought never crossed my mind.

    I also know that we’ve got a couple of people in our guild with strange/weird builds. One is maybe laziness… definitely a lack of focus. The other two haven’t even been playing a half a year. So, to expect those guys to know what they’re doing…well, that would be ME forgetting what it’s like to be new in an overwhelming game.

    Oooor maybe I’m just a sucker giving people the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

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