Why I Hate Oculus Now.

No, I don’t dislike the mechanics.  Nor do I mind the time consumed by hopping on and off drakes.  The instance itself is now short, provides extra badges, a chance at a mount and the gems that I use for transmutes.

What I do hate is the fact that I go through an average of 5 tanks if I’m on a dps or a healer.  It’s been as few as 2, and as many as 10.  I have no problems if I happen to be on one of my tanks when I get it.

I don’t begrudge the occasional tank leaving an instance.  After 5 times in one day of getting Halls of Stone, I was ready to leave it the next time I got it – and did.  Halls of Reflection – it’s to be expected.  But seriously?  Oculus iz hard rite?  I have so many tanks leaving when I’m in there that it’s very tempting to just leave myself.  With my alt army, it wouldn’t matter a bit.

And the tanks I do get, demanding achievements – often multiple voids – is ridiculous.  Every single time I give in and go along with the voids, we wipe on the last boss at 75% – at best and I end up either getting kicked, sitting and wiping or leaving and having wasted the last 20 minutes of my life.  If you’re going to demand achievements – know how to do them and know how to explain them.  It’s not hard to wowhead it or wowwiki it.  I’m not there to do achievements.  And it’s not my job to explain it, especially after getting laughed at every time because it’s LOL EASY and we don’t need a strategy.  “It’s just heroics”.

We lost a uber geared pally tank once because he was demanding voids and I flat refused – as the healer.  No one else seemed to care either way.  We got a bear tank with 25k health – BUFFED.  Guess what?  I healed them with nary a problem.  The biggest problem we had was the dps were ICC25 gearing and the bear was mostly blues and greens.  They had to be careful, but we got it done – and the bear got the Make it Count achievement.

I guess I don’t really have a point here – other than my personal irritation at the situation.  The sheer number of tanks dumping that instance staggers me.  I’ve been kicked from it once for refusing to go along with a “wipe till we get the achievement I want” marathon of a guild group.  And I’ve dropped it once when I had a group of all sub 200 gearing people who were collectively doing about 2k dps with a healer who couldn’t keep me alive – but that just happened to be Oculus – I would have dumped that group in any instance I got.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Why I Hate Oculus Now.”

  1. I guess the uber-geared tanks all leave because they went through the pain of tanking Oculus before it got smacked with the nerfbat repeatedly, so they have bad memories and still think it’s a hard instance.

    For a new tank farming for emblems, queueing for Oculus repeatedly would probably be a good idea. I quite like the place myself, since as you say it’s quick and pretty easy to do.

  2. I have to admit that I have the same git reaction. In fact just yesterday, I was in a premade group of 5 and when Oculus came up I cringed, expecting a 10-15 minute wait until we got a tank to stay. It took me a moment to realize that our group was already formed and there would be no agonizing pauses while one or more people abandoned ship. After that it was kind of nice.

  3. I did once join a group of 4 who had queued for Oculus determined to complete at least one of the Void achievements. I felt this was particularly unfair, because, although they asked me if I wanted to do it, their response was

    “Well we’re going to do it anyway. Drop group if you don’t want to – we’ll replace you.”

    I was playing DPS, and having waited through a 20 minute queue the idea of standing around Dalaran for an extra 15 minutes only to queue AGAIN seemed like a complete waste of time.

    So I gave in and ran the dungeon. The most frustrating part was that when we reached the moment of Drake colour choice nobody had any fucking plan. So I ended up baby sitting them through one (Ruby+Emerald perhaps – all of us on 5 Amber). And we still wiped twice.

    I don’t think it’s very nice to expect Dungeon Finder pugs to help you do your achievements. Advertise for group members on your own server’s LFG channel.

  4. As a tank, I’ll give you my reason for dumping that instance every time I enter it and relogging to my alts or joining the BG queue instead.

    I really like tanking. I like standing in the front, controlling all the mobs, soaking up damage and stopping the mobs from damaging my party members. This is the one instance in the game where I feel that I can’t do this effectively. It’s fine up till the last boss. It’s a bit annoying hopping on and off dragons and having to wait or guide people to the next spot, stopping to kill dragons they aggro on the way. But that’s just a minor inconvenience, I was a noob once too who didn’t know where to go.

    The real reason I hate that place is the last boss. I’ve rarely had a group that was able to do it without any hitches. You have dps spamming the time stop whenever they can. All 3 dps doing their beam at the same time. The guy on the green dragon letting everyone die. It’s really a mess. And the reason is because you play through 70+ levels of a game without ever having to do anything like that before. Your first introduction to “vehicles” isn’t in a comfortable, quiet setting where you can read all the abilities and figure out what you want to do with them, but it’s with a random pug all screaming ‘hurry up noob’, ‘gogogo’, ‘wtf why did you do that’, etc. The boss fight asks you to throw away your 20+ abilities you might be required to use in any given situation in trade for 3 stupid abilities. It’s condescending the player, really. Some people may like this kind of thing, but it would be far better if Blizzard simply gave everyone the option to remove up to 3 heroics from their “random queue”. I’d check Oculus for sure.

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