“You rolled on this server, you are required to put up with stupid.”

My husband pugged his second pally into an ICC10 run this morning, figuring that at the least he’d get a bit of rep.  He managed to also get the tanking weapon off Marrowgar and the shield off Gunship [his offtank was a druid].  He was getting on toward needing to leave [he’d alerted the raid leader before joining the run as to when he could stay] and mentioned so.  The raid leader begged him to stay till Festergut, where they were going to call it.  He agreed but said that he’d need a few minutes afk in order to stay for the rest of the run and that he’d be right back.

He walks to the kitchen, heats up some leftovers and walks back in the computer room and wolfs them down [it was getting on toward lunchtime and he hadn’t eaten breakfast].  And suddenly, while he’s finishing and talking to me [not even 3 minutes have passed], one of the rogues pulls the first trash in front of the Festergut wing because “ur taking too long lol”, wiping the group.

Now, has the go go go, aoe it down, no regard for anything mentality invaded raiding?  I mean it took a lot longer to walk back from that wipe, and cost the raid a tank and ultimately going any further.  My husband told them not to pull and reminded them that he agreed to stay but had needed a quick afk to keep going [and was back now].  They laughed at him, berated him and said that he was REQUIRED to put up with their stupidity because he rolled on this server.  Unfortunately for them, he was not.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on ““You rolled on this server, you are required to put up with stupid.””

  1. Hmm… TB’s stupidity is changing, it used to be a raid disband after a wipe… Damn, it felt good to make a raid disband after leaving and watching the raid group dissipate. I guess we’ll have to put everybody on ignore and leave, from now on.

  2. I don’t think it’s invaded raiding so much as pugs tend to be pugging rather than running with guilds for reasons. Sometimes the reason is “don’t want to leave my friends and family guild”, or “I have a weird schedule and can’t keep a guild’s raiding schedule”, other times it’s “I’m a self-centered impatient asshat”.

  3. Wow, just… wow. I can’t even begin to imagine being that stupid. Good for him that he left rather than put up with such idiocy. I hope the stupid rogue earned himself a place of (dis)honor on a lot of ignore lists.

  4. “Now, has the go go go, aoe it down, no regard for anything mentality invaded raiding?”

    I think so. I saw 4 wipes on trash (in a week) in VoA 10 and 25 because of impatience. People pulling for the tank, tanks pulling before healers had zoned in, and more.

    Makes me glad my main no longer has any use for Frost badges now.

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