AVR Functionality will be Broken by Blizz in Next Patch


See for yourselves here.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “AVR Functionality will be Broken by Blizz in Next Patch”

  1. I love how they dive on anything that makes the game easier and can fix that NP, but god forbid they fix long standing bugs.

    It’s a shame they aren’t this dedicated to stopping gold sellers/farmers. Well in any case we’ll be back to struggling with the same content over and over due to inept raiders.

  2. Um, ok…
    Mod that tells you to get out of the fire = good.
    Mod that tells you where the fire is = bad.

    GG, Blizz. That makes perfect sense. It makes so much sense that we didn’t even notice the completely inaccurate descriptions in your anti-AVR propaganda. No, really. We’re that stupid.

    I mean, seriously, having your range finder represented as a circle on the floor is that game-breaking? You still have to know the fights well enough to know what each mechanic does so that you know what each circle needs you to do. If you don’t know the fight, the circles are just going to be incomprehensible graffiti on your screen.

  3. Surely a fair compromise would be to just make it so AVR doesn’t work when in combat? I’ve only played around with the addon briefly but it seems like it’d be quite useful for planning tactics (in place of campfires, smoke flares etc) – a sort of in-game whiteboard.

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