The Thrill of Shadowy Terror [or why Blood Princes are my favorite boss thus far]

ICC went well this week.  Our 10 man got our first upper spire end boss down – Blood Queen Lana’thel.  We’ve put in a lot of time on Sindy but it’s just not clicked yet though we’ve come VERY close a number of times.  The other teams are downing Rotface and moving to Dreamwalker and Blood Princes so they’re definitely catching up with us!

ICC25 is going well…  A few misqueues but a slightly new tanking and healing line up so perhaps a bit understandable.  Zerged through the first wing and Festergut/Rotface.

Blood Princes 25 thrills me.  And scares me.  Lots of pressure on me as I tank the shadow guy and I have to gather the dark nuclei [and hope the dps doesn’t kill them like the other week].   Anywho, I have to get 5 of them to mitigate the damage Keleseth will do to me when he becomes active.  Once the raid gets the dance down [which they pretty much have – we had them below 50%] it becomes contingent on me being able to gather those orbs and my healers to keep me alive.  This is one of those moments when, as a tank, you feel that the world rests on your shoulders and that of your healers.  It’s thrilling, exciting and scary… and it’s my favorite fight in 10 and 25 man for these reasons.  I think we can down it this weekend on 25 man.  Heck, we probably could have gotten it this past week except we ran out of time 😀  Any time it’s frustrating – I just think about how satisfying it will be to down em 😛


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “The Thrill of Shadowy Terror [or why Blood Princes are my favorite boss thus far]”

  1. Grats on the progress in 10 man! Weeee, awesome! And I’m sure you guys will get ICC 25 progress made, no problemo. Wish I could be there. *sadface*

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