Deja Vu… All About Lag

Last night I tried to random on my priest and got what amounted to a group of very juvenile teens from 4 different servers.  The tank decided to pull 2 groups at a time in H-OK, while not putting any damage on the spellflingers and saving both for last.  I asked them to target the spellflingers first and explained briefly why.  Second pull – same thing – only this time it killed me.

“Idiots, kill the spellflingers first or they’re going to kill me”.

“Sorry, that was my bad – I had lag”

“So lag caused you to twice pull 2 groups and kill the spellflingers last?”

“Yep lol – just shut up and heal.  It’s a heroic and just a game – I’ll do what I want – u r fail if you cant heal thru it.”

[All this whilst I’m laying there dead waiting for the pally to decide to rez me or whatever]

“I didn’t come here for a bunch of repair bills due to stupidity.”  I don’t honestly begrudge people new to an instance a wipe… OK is fraught with peril for the uninitiated…  A new tank might run into the wrong group, or pull 3 etc.  I DON’T tolerate wiping because “I’m going to do what I want regardless of all else”.

They finally rez me and actually stand there for five minutes telling me how stupid I am and how fail I must be not to be able to heal through two spellflingers wailing away on me… how it’s just a game and it’s past my bed time etc and so forth.  Some of it was even sexist diatribe.  I’m busy showing hubby the stupid – he advises me to leave – I probably should have as at this point they haven’t pushed the [VINDICTIVE DK] button.

I respond that the fact that I am geared does not give them license to be moronic and contemplate leaving on the spot.

One of the four responds, “hey, let’s finish.”  [Okay – I don’t have time to requeue so perhaps I can tolerate this a wee bit longer if they’ll focus on the dungeon].

“No, the healer has to promise to finish the instance or we kick.  Don’t you dare leave midpull!!!!”  says the tank.

Gee…  not that it had crossed my mind to leave mid pull…   I’ve done that a total of once – when the tank dropped mid pull in an instance one time, I left to avoid a repair bill.  That group was in heroic toc and all three of the dps together equaled about 3k.  But yeah, why WOULD I EVER want to leave an awesome group like this?  A group who stopped the instance run to tell me how horrible I am and call me all manner of names?

I replied that I’d stay and finish if they would start paying attention to important mechanics.  I just wanted my frost badges at this point.  And therefore they launched yet another diatribe at me… telling me how fail I am and it’s just a game and they want to do what they want to do.

“Fine then, just kick me.”

“Leave (bad language).”  [Oh, what happened to kicking me?]

“Make me.”  [Yes, they pushed the vindictive DK button in me… and I’m much softer and meltier on my priest].

Cue another [even worse] diatribe at which point I ported to Dalaran, put them all on ignore and walked away from my computer.  And I’m not sorry.  I’m one of the nicest most accomodating players you’ll find – as long as you treat me with basic respect – I do buffs, offer to do CC as needed, dps skull first, always /focus the tank to follow their target, misdirect/tot when appropriate; so on and so forth.

Eating a debuff after soaking up that much abuse, just to try and get two frost badges?  I’m not that nice.  Not anymore anyway.

And suddenly I’m remembering why I stopped running randoms… Deja Vu

As for lag, I know it happens.  It or a random DC has happened to me at some BAD moments before… but some things AREN’T lag.  Own up to them please.  Or at least make sure it doesn’t happen again?  I’ll settle for that.

Also, mechanics STILL DO matter in some cases – please DO pay attention to them.  Your healers will thank you 🙂

Mental note to self: Leave groups before they trigger VINDICTIVE DK.  Askevar doesn’t like when that happens.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Deja Vu… All About Lag”

  1. I don’t understand how anything explains away the fact that Spellflingers need to either be interrupted or killed, fast.

    Sounds like yet another case of blaming ignorance on lag instead of fessing up and admitting that you don’t know everything and occasionally make mistakes.

    How is it that nobody in the group at least stepped up to say “hey they’re right about the spellflingers”.

  2. Nnngh, nothing annoys me more than tanks who treat the rest of the group as their own personal servants 😦

    Plus, as far as I can remember, those spellflingers do damage based on a percentage of the target’s health, rather than a fixed amount. Even an ICC25-geared tank is gonna take a lot of damage from them.

    1. I’ve read 75% of your health and I’ve read 80%… so two hits from those at the same moment or before I can get a heal off… and whoever is gone. And when it’s a cloth wearing priest… yeah

  3. They are complete fools for not knowing the mechanic on flingers. I’ve lost stupid tanks on my pally and I can toss some massive Holy Light heals.

    Given the attitude I think you did the best thing possible. Sometimes you gotta treat a child like a child. Let em sit there and stew helplessly in their nasty little anger I say!

    It’s time everyone started taking this passive aggressive attitude with people like this. This is a social game and these type of people need to learn that, even in an anonymous game, you can suffer consequences for your actions.

  4. You kinda sound like the Hulk, there. “Don’t make Askevar angry! You won’t like me when I’m a VINDICTIVE DK! Raaaawawwwwwr!” 🙂

    There was a time before a recent patch fixed it (I think) in FoS where I would lag in the room with the first boss. I would usually mention up front, “Guys, I usually lag badly here, so I’ll do my best, but if I get targeted…bad things may happen.” I also sometimes lag enough in Marrowgar’s room that I can’t get out of the coldfire quick enough, which sucks. BUT, sounds like that really wasn’t the case in your group of fail. It’s being used as an excuse, and not very well. Lag made you attack mobs in the wrong order? I call BS.

    What is it with PuG’s trying to ‘make’ people leave on their own? How exactly do they think they’re going to accomplish this, short of hacking your account while you’re on it and clicking ‘leave group’? It baffles the mind. If they think they can berate you with words, then they must forget there’s an ignore function.

  5. Spellflingers = why I hate OK. People just won’t bother silencing or interrupting. I’ve seen feral druids with over 50k hp pulling several spellflingers and going down easily because I couldn’t toss out the shiny stuff fast enough. Some tanks that die like this don’t even care about dying, they just wait for a rez.

    Some people just deserve to die. That’s why I like healing.

  6. I’m a really well-geared tank and I take insane damage from those spell flingers (I swear I take more damage from those than anything else in all of OK).

    Expecting a priest to heal themselves through that is nothing but idiotic. But then you do run into a lot of idiots in Random LFD. Not all are idiots of course, but sadly you do find some.

    I don’t mind if people are new, never been to the instance before. Badly geared.. No problem! As long as you are willing to learn and are polite to the group.

    The people in that group appear to have failed in all categories 😉

    1. Earlier this week I ran into a wonderful group. I had spent my HFoS ID on my rogue without any luck on the NES, so I decided to go for the arpen trinket in regular ToC. We had an overgeared tank who was looking for dps gear; an undergeared dps looking for tank gear; an undergeared healer and another moderately geared dps. The tank and the dk dps were sitting there comparing who the plate pieces were a bigger upgrade for as they both needed offset gear mainly. We wiped once because the healer was having some trouble and no one fussed. Four of us were going to queue again but the healer had to log :/ It was very relaxed and enjoyable 🙂 So not all randoms are bad to be sure but yes, there are jerks and idiots aplenty

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