What Everyone is Talking About :)

Just some links to some entries I found particularly profound, interesting, funny, witty, etc

Analogue discusses the Top Ten Things She Will Do If She Became a Boss – made me want to start making my own list 🙂

Shintar talks about being on the other side of the “Gogogo” phenomenon here.  Is there really EVER a reason to order a tank to go faster?

Over at Mana Obscura, there’s been a post made about How to Get the Most Out of Refer-A-Friend.  Since we’re all leveling alts and such…  makes sense that some of us would be insane enough to contemplate RaF [*points at self*]

Big Bear Butt asks if you are ready… for CC?

Tatjana has a problem… can it be solved with pancakes perhaps?

Endyme has her take on the Gender and Warcraft debate.

Keredria discussed the concept of Christian guilds over on her site.  She did a bit of research into such guilds in WoW.  I found it particularly interesting as I used to have an alt in one – and it was just a fun experience for me.

Though I cannot fathom doing so, Psynister made a post detailing how to delete a level 80 character – though the “checklist” he gives you would work on any toon.

Finally, taintedsouls discusses people who can’t afford their repair bills [and/or other expenses] yet expect to raid, even with all other expenses taken care of for them.  Read her weekly etiquette column!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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