Believe in the People, Not the Numbers

Last night we hit Saurfang 25 with 123k dps.  As it’s a stand and burn fight, it’s usually a good gauge of whether or not we can hit Festergut and Rotface.  Festergut needs 132k raidwide dps to down him before the enrage.  If the numbers aren’t even close, either because too many regulars are out or people just aren’t performing up to standard, we’ll often call the raid early and give people an early night – gear still went out that people can use, so we still consider it a good night.

We shouldn’t have been able to down Rotface and Festergut last night on 25 man.  We didn’t have the dps, or the most ideal makeup.  We had several new people to the raid – several new guildies and whatnot.  But the group wanted it last night… they wanted to kill them all 🙂  We wiped once on Rotface – which is to be expected with new people to the raid, and then we downed him handily.

Then we went to Festergut – one wipe on him because we hit enrage – one of our mages was dc’d the entire fight.  We clocked in at 126k that attempt.  We tackled him again – 131.8k or something like it.  He died 3 seconds after enrage.  Half the raid died in those three seconds but it was done and it was epic and everyone felt elated 😀  There were many whoops and hollers of joy 😀

As the raid leaders, we had crunched the numbers and knew that by the numbers it wasn’t going to happen.  We considered calling it after crunching the numbers on Saurfang.  We decided not to because we believed our people could rise to the occasion – and they did, marvelously.  Ven told them before we tackled Festergut that our dps was right on the borderline to be able to down him – and they pulled out all the stops.

We love seeing this happen!  It’s a lovely reminder that our people can do anything they put their minds to.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Believe in the People, Not the Numbers”

  1. That’s really nicely done 🙂 I think it’s a good comment too, sometimes people do pull it out of the hat, even when you didn’t expect them to. I’m glad you guys managed to down them, and I bet it was a great mentality boost for your new members as well 🙂

  2. Saurfang is actually a pretty bad estimate of my personal DPS. I’ve got some post (or whine) about it a long time ago in my blog, but the essence of it is that fire mages do their best damage on mobs that stay alive long enough for living bomb to blow up, and the blood beasts don’t stay alive for nearly long enough for that to happen. Festergut has some movement penalties but they are not at all the same. I would bet that my dps on Festergut is about 1.5k-2k higher than my dps on Saurfang, without any allowance for skill improvements.

    Glad you got him down!

  3. As someone whose first Festergut win came while hiding in a pally bubble as the rest of the raid wiped (it was truly epic), I completely understand about pushing your luck on close calls.

    Screw the math, go have fun! You might just end up with a story worth telling in the process. 🙂

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