Please don’t do this!

I just met a tank in a random who trod on every last bit of patience I have.  He was a pally – in an assortment of epics, half of which were dps.  Plus the 264 pally tanking leggings from VoA25 – ungemmed/unenchanted.  In fact, none of his gear was gemmed or enchanted.  He pulled a whole 400 dps on the first trash pack, and I knew I was in trouble.  On my dpser’s I start off with my typical “rotation” as it were and adjust to the needs of the tank.  Since instead of catching his threat, I instantly had it, and he was just standing there meleeing, I scaled back.  Still pulling threat.  I made a couple recommendations about abilities to use – I have a pally tank myself.  Some consecrate, hammer of the righteous and shield slam are excellent…  No, we’re going to just melee…  Well, in truth, he started using consecrate – once every four pulls or so.  So okay, why don’t I just melee?  Still pulling threat…  So, I finally just shifted out of kitty form and started wrathing stuff…  I didn’t pull threat there 🙂


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Please don’t do this!”

  1. You are much more patient then me I would have bailed out. I can understand not really knowing what to do and making bad gear choices but if they are not willing to listen I let other people deal with them.

    1. The only reason I didn’t leave is because in CoT, you don’t leave combat till you’re basically done with the bloody place. I have a bit of a problem with leaving a group mid combat… perhaps I should have… But then I wouldn’t have an awesome post to make 😛

  2. From the sounds of things he was probably leveling a new weapon skill. Which, of course, is just as horrible an idea, but I don’t see any other way to come in under 500dps, even just doing white swings.

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