Oculus Insanity

Queued up on my druid…  got Oculus of all places.  Cool, she still needs to ride a green drake for the experienced drake rider – [and I’m not going to ask for the voids in a pug].  As a tank and as a healer, I’ve helped numerous people – guildie and non, get this achievement.  It’s a small thing that can make someone’s day.  So I do what I expect pugs to do – and ask in party if anyone minds me getting the green drake as it’s the last one I need for the achievement.  No one objects and we begin.  We down the first boss without incident, I snag my green drake and move to the middle platform.  In the middle of the second pull, the healer asks

“y u got gren drak?”

I reply that as I said earlier it was the last one I needed for the experienced drake rider achievement and I really would like to get that done if possible.


“Earlier in party.”


“In party chat”


I do notice that I stop getting heals from aoe damage.  Okay, cool.  I have cooldowns as a kitty and I can heal myself if need be.  The healer does actually heal me on the bosses…. I guess my 6-7k boss fight dps was important since the two locks in party were doing 1300 each, but who knows?

We fly through the instance – get to the last boss, get up there and begin.  Since the healer insisted on staying on a green drake, I figured I’d keep the damage debuff up on the boss and let her handle her forte – the healing.  Well, mid fight she stops healing anyone but herself – so I start healing.  She’s sitting off the the side firing the poison at the boss – that’s it.    Boss goes down handily as everyone obviously knows what to do.  We land and loot… just in time to see the healer diving into a group of whelps and dying… to try and kill me apparently.  I looted the chest and dropped group so fast – ended up in Dalaran with 200 health left.

Seriously, what was the point?  I wasn’t asking for anything extraordinary, and no one else had issue with it.  I’ve swapped with someone who needed the green or red a number of times in oculus – since I get that all the time as a random and as long as they asked nicely, was more than happy to do it.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Oculus Insanity”

  1. Your expecting a level of maturity from this player base that simply isn’t there.

    People are petty enough in real life, give em an anonymous situation and their character flaws/traits get magnified 10 fold.

    1. I was just sitting there after hitting Dalaran after the healer tried to kill meh, mouth open thinking “are you stupid?” I know it’s not the nicest thought, but yeah… it was there.

  2. On the other hand, people fear what they don’t understand. By forcing the healer into a role unfamiliar to them (from their perspective at least) it’s quite possible that they were significantly agitated and chose to take it out on you. I know when I first started healing at 80, I only knew how to do one part of every encounter, and being forced to change my role was significantly nerve-wracking.

    1. True. I would have expected a healer with an average ilevel of 270 to be well aware of how things worked, but even so, they could have simply said something.

  3. What I find amazing is that the healer didn’t just settle for having two green drakes. I know that’s what you ended up doing, but it seems they weren’t all too happy about it. Having two green drakes doesn’t really make things more difficult. Sure maybe a time stop less, but you have more healing if you get in a pinch…

    I don’t know – some people just seem to get upset about the strangest of things.

  4. Yeah, sometimes people get wacky about it. The other day I was running with a friend and I asked him if he wanted me on green or bronze and he got offended, thinking I wanted to heal *instead* of him when I was just offering him the choice of back-up healing or extra dps. Some people like 2 greens, others like 1, but hardly anyone realizes that their favored way isn’t the only way it can be done.

  5. I told someone to get off the green drake – if they wanted me to heal on a Oculos run recently, they didn’t mention anything about needing an achievement, instead the same person then got a red drake without checking with the tank, body pulled the 2nd boss, and afk’d for the drake fight – imagine if he had been the healer. Someone on a green drake that doesnt know what they are doing can wipe the raid. I’m ok with it, if someone asks, but my next question is – do you know what you are doing? The amount of times I’ve seen healers heal other people to own death is not funny.
    and Pugs reading party chat.. never…

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