First Impressions Matter

As most of my readers know, I’m an officer and raid leader in my guild. I have a plethora of alts as well – whom I instance on when I can. Many people on the server don’t know the connections between the toons.

I’m on my druid – mid fight in Nexus. I’m actually trying to pay attention to the meter and my dps… only for self-edification – to see how well I can do without pulling threat. Suddenly I get a whisper

“Helloooo? Is anyone there?”

Now the name of the guy is familiar, but I don’t remember him right off and I KNOW I wasn’t having a conversation with him. So I reply with a “?”

“Is your guild recruiting?”

I’m mid-combat in an instance and he is NOT coming to me this obnoxiously… Wow. Yes, he is. Add to that, I WON’T handle recruitment. I’ll check their guild history for recruitment peoples and I’ll give my opinion [which by the way isn’t the most positive going in here…] but I HATE dealing with the applicants – so I don’t. I told him that yes we were recruiting. We’re always accepting apps.

He tells me he’s an experienced dpser – and can tank or heal too and knows the fights up to Putricide in ICC. His specs are indeed holy/prot – no dps. He’s killed Marrowgar, LDW and Festergut only… which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but he could have an alt but wait, he says this is his only raiding toon *confused*

I reply saying that we on occasion could use another healer but that dps is mostly what we’re looking for. [Some weeks we run with 5 tanks swapping according to what the fight needs – we’re all cultivating dps offsets and do well in them for this reason so we’re kinda full on tanks atm].

“Well I’m mainly dps, I’ve never tanked or healed in a raid.”


He’s also a guild hopper… and upon looking at his guild history recall an incident he was involved in with one of the previous guilds… where he kicked an alt of mine out of a Chillmaw group – because she wasn’t geared enough. FOR CHILLMAW. Because my ungearedness would taint their gear. And laughed about it on general for screwing me out of the chillmaw kill at the last second.


I passed on my recommendation to all 3 recruitment officers.

First impressions matter. And you never know whose baby alt you’re dissing when you look down on people for gear… or lack thereof.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “First Impressions Matter”

  1. I don’t quite see how he can think he’s doing a good impression even.. contacting someone when they’re obviously busy. Surely he would have had to see you doing /who or something, and seen you were in Nexus.

    I can’t stand it when people whisper me out of nowhere if I’m obviously busy. If it’s something urgent in guild, of course – no problem. But some random person with a question.. Maybe I’m mean, but really.. please come back when I’m not actually busy.

  2. Isn’t it fun when that stuff happens? I was in an ICC10 group a couple of months back when we picked up this warrior semi-pug to fill our last spot. I say “semi-” because he was apparently in pre-app status with the guild, and the officer running the raid wanted to see him in action with more of our crew.

    I recognized the name. Turned out, most of us did, and for the same reason: dude was an obnoxious douche. Everyone who spoke up in gchat had some sort of story about him in a run, giving grief to players, being rude and nasty about dps or heals. Just a generally unpleasant individual. A couple of people even said that they wouldn’t stay if he was brought along.

    Suddenly, up pops a message from the officer in raid chat: “Sorry dude, looks like everyone in here thinks you’re an asshole. Good luck finding a run.” And BOOT.

    One day, people will realize that the bad reputations they establish will bite them in the butt. Hard.

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