Dear Blizzard, I Second This.

Here’s an open letter to Blizzard written by Shades of Grey about why we play this game.

I support this.

If I want Twitter, I’ll be on Twitter.

If I want Facebook, I’ll be on Facebook.

If you take what WoW is away, I may choose not to be on WoW.  People are here for the fantasy, to immerse themselves in the world and now the real world looks to be coming to crash in.  THAT is probably the most underlying reason why people are upset [besides the fact that privacy is important yo].  Your Blue Poster guy?  I feel bad for him.  But he gave AWAY his own privacy.  And it’s something he’ll never get back – EVER.

And you know all those facebook games that you wanna imitate Bliz?  I play them – yes I do.  I usually play them till level 40ish [a week] and then I quit.  And I have never spent a single dime on any of them.

Because of some RL issues and privacy concerns, games are pretty much all that my facebook consists of anyway… so yeah…  while I log onto it once in a while, it’s not an every day thing.

Twitter?  Oh yeah I have one…  But wait… I use it to post WoWish things… not RL things?  Under the name Askevar?  Gee… go figure.


And despite being a writer of sorts, I don’t connect this site to my personal site.

You see where this is going?

ETA: Read this post about why RealID is currently a security threat because of the flaw that exposes your real name to people via addons [and how you could potentially get hacked even WITH an authenticator on your account]!  If you want to disable it as I have here are instructions from the Greedy Goblin.

ETA2: Apparently RealID is a done deal – regardless of concern/feedback – Blizzard is going ahead with implementation.  Time will tell.  Perhaps Korean Law is driving Blizzard policy now?

ETA3: Yeah I know, this is getting silly…  But this IS the news.  And this affects my gameplay more than talent changes… talent changes I don’t really care about right now.  The best way to counter this?  To keep it in the spotlight and NOT forget it.  Read this comment on another awesome blog, bringing snippets from battlenet and facebook indicating that soon the two will be one and you will be subject to FACEBOOK terms and conditions.

Seriously?  Is this how a company treats its loyal customers?

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

7 thoughts on “Dear Blizzard, I Second This.”

  1. Sad thing about all this is, we can whine all we want and I don’t think Blizzard will do jack. That thread on the general forums? It’s at 1904 pages as I type this…that’s 38,066 posts, and most of the ones I’ve read are negative. I haven’t read every page, sorry to say. From what I’ve read, the blues have been scarce. They’ve already made their decision, signed on the dotted line.

    My only hope is that they include some sort of options for folks who are not fans of RealID. Maybe the old forums still be usable under your toon name (from what I’m gathering, certain forums will remain as is, it’s only the new Cata forums that will use real names) and people can post there without fear.

    Not liking the Facebook integration thing either. Not sure how ‘optional’ that’ll be, but if I have to choose between FB and WoW, I’d get rid of FB in a heartbeat. I only joined it because of my high school reunion and stayed around after. FB, as much as I don’t like their shady privacy policies, at least gives you a variety of choices with regards to how private you are. WoW so far is offering up “Well, you don’t have to post in the forums, you can just read what’s posted!”

    So far, it’s still ‘optional’ (lol), but what about the day when it’s not? That’s my worry.

    1. Yeah I’ve never posted on the forums and never will now… I could probably get by with that… But this is ONLY the beginning as you said. Where does it end? What is next?

      We’ve got to draw some lines NOW before more happens and it gets way out of hand.

  2. Perhaps if the mega thread (1978 pages now) is still there when I get home, I’ll post a brief soemthing just to add to the gobs of players protesting this whole thing. Not so much to say something meaningful (they’ll probably never read it), but just to be one more voice saying “I don’t like this.”

  3. My main use for the official forums at this point is to report bugs, get technical support, or find customer service. I don’t consider any of these things “optional.” Call me kooky, but for me, having my game be in working condition isn’t an “option” or a suggestion. A product being in proper working order is the *bare minimum* I expect out of a service I’m paying for. I guess I’ll just have to switch to their 24/7 phone support… oh wait, they don’t have that. Hope my game breaks only during regular business hours.


    “I’d like to take some time to speak with all of you regarding our desire to make the Blizzard forums a better place for players to discuss our games. We’ve been constantly monitoring the feedback you’ve given us, as well as internally discussing your concerns about the use of real names on our forums. As a result of those discussions, we’ve decided at this time that real names will not be required for posting on official Blizzard forums.” That’s a quote from Mike Morhaime on the wow forums today.

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