You Yank It You Tank It… Is Now in the Beta!

It was on my battle net screen just now!  WOOT!

ETA: Beta download is broken.  I can finally download it and then when I go to install it messes up because of a partial file

ETA2: Apparently the Blizz server that would be able to give me the file is down… hence why I can’t download it…

ETA3: No clue what the problem is, but apparently no one knows.  I’ve finally found reference to someone with a similar problem and the suggestion made by the blues was to install on another computer.  I’ve tried installing on hubby’s and I get the same error.  So Beta testing may have to wait until whatever is wrong is magically fixed.  Hubby’s going to take another look tonight and see what he can do.  I have emailed tech support – yesterday morning – but no reply as of yet.

ETA4: Hubby has reinstalled the .net network [which a version of is required for Cata] and tried several troubleshooting options – with no luck.

ETA5: Hubby has tried all he knows [and he’s a computer guy].  He says it was as if there was a file missing in the initial download and I’m stuck till if and when Blizz addresses it.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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