Buffing in Heroics

Many classes can provide buffs to their party.  Mages have Arcane Intellect;  Druids bring gift of the wild, Priest have fort, spirit and shadow resist [as needed]  and Paladins have an array of buffs.  The polite thing for them to do is to share them with us in heroics.

Now before I go further, I’m going to explicitly clarify, for the purposes of this article, we are considering LEVEL 80 instances – meaning I’m presuming everyone has the greater buffs and keeps reagents on them.  I know it’s a stretch, but it’s one I’m making.

“But they aren’t buffing me!!!!  OMG so rude!”

There are some reasons you may not get insta-buffs.  One thing I can guarantee – if you’re standing there cussing them out and calling them fail, do you really think they’re likely to buff you?  I wouldn’t.  I actually put a mana buff on a warrior one time because he started in on my paladin for not buffing before I was even zoned in.  He spent the rest of the instance cussing me out, sending me mean whispers, and doing nasty emotes [I’m told even after I slapped him on ignore].

1. Priest buffs can be done on everyone all at once.  BUT, they need to cast three spells [presuming you’re getting Shadow Resist – not useful in all instances].  This consumes a hefty percentage of their mana pool.  If you’re already pulling and they’re healing, they may need to do it gradually.  My priest’s mp5 is good enough to just throw them on and go, but she’s very well geared too.  The same can be said for mages, though as dps they may be under less pressure to be at full mana right off.

2. Some druids have a talent or glyph or trinket or something where they can cast Gift of the Wild right as the fight starts and gain some benefit [five stack of a spellpower buff or somesuch].  Yes, it’s just heroics but this is probably ingrained in some of them from raiding.  If they’re very geared, this could be why you don’t get it right away.  Otherwise, it could also be for the same reason as priests.

3. Pally buffs…  Everyone seems to want a different one.  The dk in this instance may want kings and the one in the next may want might.  I have a standard setup on mine for tanking [sanct on pallies, might on rogues/hunters; kings on everyone else] and for dpsing [might on rogues/hunters/pallies; kings on all else].  I plug this set up into pally power before I even queue.  To change pally power takes a moment and mine will not permit me to change stuff in combat.  So, if you request a deviation from my standard set up, it may take a moment.

“But the pally won’t give me might!!!”

Do you have a warrior in party?  Are they doing battle shout?  If yes, then that’s why – battle shout overrides might.  If I have a warrior doing it, I’ll buff kings on all instead.

“But what about mana!  They won’t give me that!”

Is there a shaman in party using mana stream?  If yes, then that’s why – it overrides mana.  Again, kings on all.

“The pally gave me the wrong buff and won’t change it!”

Does it really matter?  I mean, I know it isn’t your first choice and they don’t seem to be cooperative, but if that’s going to truly break your dps, then you have bigger issues – at any level of gearing.  And trust me, it’s not worth the screaming to change a buff.  Sanct/Kings will benefit you too, though perhaps not as much as might.

One other thing to consider is that it takes people different times to load their screens.  They may not be buffing because they aren’t even there yet.

Screaming  “OMGWTFBBQBUFFSFFS” isn’t going to accomplish much.  It’ll cause me to either refuse to buff you specifically or to buff you “wrong” and many other people are of that school of thought.

Politeness will get you a LONG way in this case.  Being humorous can be misinterpreted but can also work.  I buffed a dk tank with might in an instance [because the last dk had requested that] and he replied “I’m not worthy to get kings?” with a crying emote, gave me a moment to change it and then thanked me for the kings.  I was more than happy to help.  Another thing I do when requesting a different buff is to say that I’d prefer “insertbuffname” if you could and to be honest, it’s not usually worth my time to even ask.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

7 thoughts on “Buffing in Heroics”

  1. Oooh, a topic we don’t normally look at. So, here’s a healy priest perspect weighing in.

    Your argument for priests and mana is a very valid one. In most heroics these days, you hit the ground running. And so I may be hesitant to throw out all my buffs unless I know the tank is going to let me drink before he/she pulls. That said, my gear is such that I can usually handle it.

    There is one other reason, however, that you didn’t mention.


    I have my healing UI set-up so that it tells me who is missing my buffs and also tells me when everyone is in range. And while I don’t mind mind giving out my buffs, I much prefer only having to give them out once. So, if part of the group takes off and someone else is lagging behind, I will often try to wait until everyone is together. Just my $0.02. 🙂

    1. Definitely not a widely discussed topic… but one that will become more meaningful in Cataclysm I expect.

      Yeah I’d have to agree with that. I have one of all the buffing classes and while that’s not been a huge issue, it has come up once or twice where I was waiting on someone to come in the instance and I already had another party member going “OMG BUFF ME”.

  2. My priest is not awesomely geared and buffing everyone will take me to about 50-60% mana. While I’m sure I could run off and heal at that point I would definitely prefer to sit down and drink for a few seconds. I always buff people – but it drives me nuts when they won’t let me drink afterwards.

    It’s so annoying as well when people yell for buffs and you were just waiting for some latecomer to be in range to save some mana and not buff twice.

  3. To be honest I don’t see why people get so uptight about missing buffs anyway – it’s not like it’ll make a meaningful difference in performance when most bosses die in 30 seconds anyway.

    Still, I kinda buff on my priest out of habit, and also as a tank test – if they charge off while I’m left with half my mana gone, it’s a good indicator of what the rest of the instance will be like.

    My other two 80s are a DK and a shaman, so buffing is just part of the rotation for them 😉

  4. In a pug on my pally everyone gets Kings. I don’t care if you want something else. It’s a random and doing Kings on all only costs me one reagent. You get a bit of damage, mana, and health from kings. It’s a good all round buff and as it’s a random I’m not to worried about your personal DPS.

    With guildies I’m more than happy to accommodate folks. Random people I will never see again are not high on my I care list.

    1. I love buffing people, anyway. It’s one of the things I love the most about playing a buffing class. I even lament the 10-minute paladin buffs because I wish I could give a more worthwhile buff to those I meet (and let’s face it, a 10-minute buff I give you in town will be all but gone by the time you get to wherever you’re questing). That being said, it annoys me to no end when people ask for buffs. Suffice it to say, if I’m waiting, there’s probably a reason for it.
      It can get especially frustrating on paladins because people get so used to one-hour buffs from everyone else. Nothing more annoying than half a dozen different people yelling “only 8 minutes left on Kings” as you’re about to pull a boss with a 5 or 6 minute enrage timer. My first thought is always “So?” It ends up turning my half-hour buff into a twenty-minute buff because everyone freaks out when it goes below 10 minutes. As if it wasn’t short enough to begin with. Oh well, such is the nature of the beast, I guess.

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