This Blog Will be Cata Spoiler FREE

I’ve decided that in the interests of respecting the part of my reader base who may not like to read Cataclysm spoilers, this blog will be basically spoiler free.  There won’t be posts/pics/impressions from the Beta here.


There will be spoilers up the wazoo on my side blog.  Please add that blog to your reader, bookmark list, etc, if you’d like to see my adventure into the BETA zone.   WordPress is really nifty and is letting me manage two blogs from one interface!  Yay!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “This Blog Will be Cata Spoiler FREE”

  1. Added it to my feedreader, I definitely have no problems with spoilers. I just wish I’d get a Beta key so I could spoil myself 😛

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