So, Am I a Fraud?

Account wide achievements are all the rage across the blogosphere… pros… cons… should blizz, will blizz?

Larisa made a post about how she’s against account-wide achievements – at least in the sense of stuff like titles… Kingslayer, Undying.  And while I do understand the frustration of re-grinding, or not having achievements…  I kinda agree.  I even responded with a comment to that effect.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve created and leveled a dk on another server.  She’s dual wield frost – partly because of the challenge and partly because I want to help my main’s offset.  I’ve been heroicing on her a bit and I know going into each group that there is a chance that I’ll be kicked based on whatever random facet they choose… not doing 5k dps in blues, having blue and green gear, being dual wield – or worst, being a death knight…    While that’s even true on my main server, it’s less the case – my toons are all decently geared, can do a decent job and I have guildies to run with.  On the other server, I do have guildies but they aren’t always on and I have yet to heroic with em lol.

Most people seem to expect that all death knights are deathtards.  I mention in the comment how I enjoy surprising groups by being competent… how I have even managed to match people in ICC25 gear [yeah they were probably sleeping… but eh, I’ll take what I can get].  I enjoy it much more than I would going in there with an Undying title or whatnot [which I expect would invite snarkage].

To my surprise, Priest With a Cause saw my comment and essentially said that I was being fraudulent by not being up front about my experience as a dk/raider/etc.  [And I’m a SHE, not a HE tyvm ;)] – BTW, I know it wasn’t a personal attack – I’m not taking it as that…  Just analyzing perspectives here.

I don’t think I am.  I don’t particularly like people who enter the instance and go first thing “My main is an [fillinblank].”  That usually is a warning sign that this person is probably not near as competent at their current toon.

To be truly dishonest, I think you’d have to queue in lesser gear for the purpose of rolling need on stuff/getting a free ride/some other malicious reason].  When I have been asked on my alt dk if I had another, I’ve answered that honestly.  I don’t want my main’s achievements shoved in someone’s face on my lil’ alt.    Why do you need to know my raiding history for a pug anyway?  Especially an LFD pug where you’re likely to never see me again?   Or even remember who I am?

There’s definitely a difference in my mind between lying [being a fraud] and not laying all your cards on the table at once.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

12 thoughts on “So, Am I a Fraud?”

  1. Just read the guys post, sounds to me like he’s got a chip on his shoulder. A person like that has nothing of real worth to say. It’s absolutely silly to call someone a fraud for not blabbing about their achievements on another toon.

    In most pugs people wanna just get in there and get the instance done. I don’t care if a player is a top raider or in their first Heroic. So long as the group lives, the mobs die and we all walk away with our 2 emblems nothing else matters, period.

  2. I’ve solely leveled a Gnome warrior tank from 30 til 74 now from tanking instances.
    Partly to see what warrior tanking was like, since my main is a raiding tanking paladin.

    People look at my level – usually 2-3 below them, and the small statue (Gnome) and make their assumptions, but usually the healer ask me to stick around for a second requeue run at the end – I consider that the indication of a successful run, and usually happily oblige.

    For dps DK (level 58-68) – my first telltale sign of whether they care about their class is if they are using Icy Touch in frost presence. It’s one of the few abilities where I will instantly lose any aggro that I’ve accumulated so far. They tend to figure this out before getting into Wrath though.

    The other one is hand of reckoning from Ret Pally – but they tend to figure this out by level 20-30 that taunt isn’t a good idea for elite monsters 🙂

    My new mission now is to educate shammy and druids that knockback, especially throwing enemies out of the aoe killzone and behind tanks’ back is the most horrible thing you can do to a tank and get his arse critted

  3. It’s interesting because occasionally you’ll come across an inept player at max level that is so… bad and ignorant… that you assume they eBayed their character, or were given it by a friend.

    I remember trying to do an Enchant for lvl 80 who didn’t know how to get to Ironforge from Dalaran. And eventually asked me how he was supposed to repair gear.

    I’ve also played with some DKs who don’t seem to know basic game words/concepts. And I tend to assume they’re kids/siblings creating a high level character on their older brother’s or dad’s account.

    I wonder how many times we’ll see someone in Cataclysm with a very rare title that just doesn’t jibe with their knowledge of the game, let alone their skill.

    I think it will cheapen the prestige of actually earning those titles to being with.

    But otherwise I quite like the idea of BoA achievements. Nobody likes to do achievements more than once if they swap characters.

  4. I wouldn’t say it’s fraudulent, but allowing account-wide achievements I don’t think would remove the possibility of doing that either.

    You wouldn’t have to show your titles, and in 5 man HCs I very much doubt that anyone would even care to check.

    If you do better than people in 25 man ICC gear with your lesser gear I’d say that’s enough “surprise” just there – whether you’ve done the class/content before or not *lol*

    I guess I just don’t think that account-wide achievements and surprising people with your alts are mutually exclusive 🙂

  5. Gee, guess I’m being fradulent too, when I’m leveling Endy 2.0. Because I’ve had that same feeling of “Ha, I’ll surprise them with my awesome healing skillz!”, but it’s not like I’m hiding that I have a Holy Pally already at 80. I’ve mentioned it freely in PuG’s before, which usually gets me a “So….why are you leveling another one?” *boggles*

    I read all the posts involved and I mostly agree with Larisa. I can see Shintar’s side of things, in that if you go traipsing around the world on your main, get the Explorer title, and switch mains, would you really want to do it all over again? Probably not. It would be a huge pain in the rear. Personally, I’m not a big achievement person, so I’m kinda..meh. But to me, achievements should be linked to the character, as a testament to what you’ve done on that specific toon and not linked to your account.

  6. No, definitely not a fraud. In fact, I’d be more likely to suspect someone of being a fraud if they instantly starting talking about their high-level toon the second they pop into a random. Did I ask for your resume? Just shut up and play, dude. Talking yourself up won’t make me believe you if you suck, anyway. And if you don’t suck, I don’t care why. 😛

    On the subject of account-wide achievements, I can see the room for middle-ground. As an avid altoholic and completist I’ve done several achievements several times over (explorer, champion of the frozen wastes, what a long strange trip it’s been, master at arms, did somebody order a knuckle sandwhich, etc.) and it would be nice to be able to just unlock those sorts of titles/achievements at max level instead of grinding it all out again. However, I don’t see any reason to assume that just because some achievements are shared account-wide, they all will be. I suspect, though, that the hardest-to-get titles and achievements – like Kingslayer – would be the sort that you don’t get at level 1 or have some other form of restriction on sharing. I can’t see Blizzard cheapening such a coveted title too much.

    Or perhaps they’ll reach some other middle ground, like changing the color of text on titles the current toon hasn’t earned. So, like it would have your toon’s name in the normal green/red/blue and the title part in white (or something) so that people can see that this *player* has probably earned the title, even if this *character* has not.

  7. I have to say… you should see the effect a guild tag has. It always amuses me to “have tag” and not have it. Albeit with LFD things change a lot, but on my server alts “with tag” get a free-ride to so many things.

    Anyways, I suppose what I am saying is, account-wide achievements already sort of happen — to those people who have renown guilds. Seeing is just as good as seeing .

  8. Wow, the things you find while randomly link-hopping…! I’m glad you didn’t take offense because I definitely didn’t mean any. In fact I don’t think that what you did is fraudulent. I only put that in as a rhetorical question to point out what I thought was an inconsistency in Larisa’s argument about the (dis)honesty of showing achievements.

    And I went back and edited the pronouns in the original article, being a female myself I know how annoying it can be when people get it wrong. 🙂

  9. Personally, I think it should be for some titles/achievements. Kingslayer being one. But it should be different so for Kingslayer it could be:

    Kilan (my 80 pally tank) gets Kingslayer. Now that should unlock a seperate BoA achieve for any 80s I have that don’t have Kingslayer, so something like Prince Slayer or Squire or something. Just cause people tend to be skeptical when they see a toon in blues and greens, assuming they aren’t any good.

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