Your Account Has Been Suspended for 24 Hours…

Not exactly what I wanted to wake up to this morning.

And the only reasons I could get via email were “unauthorized access” and “security risk”.

Now my hubby has a degree in computer security… and he’s taught me well what to do and not do.  I didn’t trust the email links and went directly to battlenet…   Well… in fact I just tried to log in.  The email came to an address I don’t use widely so it had a greater chance of actually being real.

We have authenticators…  and we’re pretty sure that’s saved my hubby from a hack once already [we woke up Saturday morning a few weeks back to find his account password had been reset].

But yeah… no reason this should have happened.

Hubby logged in and checked – none of my toons had logged on anywhere since I logged off of them the night before.  We checked the email time stamp…  it happened about 10 minutes after we logged for the night.

Hubby called and sat in queue for about an hour in customer service and ended up talking to a really nice guy who released my account and said that their automated system had registered a false positive and that they’ve had a problem with that lately.

So in the end, problem resolved, only a couple hours of headache.  :/


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “Your Account Has Been Suspended for 24 Hours…”

  1. It does make you wonder what kind of data they look for when they ban an account. Especially since so many people have their characters cleaned out and everything without them doing nothing.

    I remember once getting suspended for using “third-party software” – something I definitely don’t do (other than the normal curse add-ons that everyone uses). Sometimes I wonder if one of the annoying little dweebs that whisper you with “1 gold plx” or “boost plx” got annoyed because I don’t even bother to reply and say I’m a bot “cause she doesn’t reply to whispers”!

    Anyway, glad you got your account back and that at least no one had hacked it 🙂

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