Dear Death Knight Tanks:

Dual wield tanking builds are from the FROST tree because it has dual wield TALENTS.  Dual wield unholy or dual wield blood ARE NOT viable – hence why you can’t keep threat and can’t get anything done.  PLEASE stop making me cry.  Go to – it has many awesome tanking builds.

Dear pally Tanks:
Hand of Reckoning does not need to be in your rotation – especially when another tank has to taunt off you in pug raids.  Also, exorcism in the middle of pulls is just dumb – it means you have no mitigation except armor and increases the damage you take.  I know it’s the thing with the new generation of pally tanks and it’s fine to use it to initiate a pull, but otherwise – DON’T.  Rets use it because it’s instant for them.

Dear Everyone:
70/71 point specs are not optimal.  It says you threw your points into one tree without research.  Yes, it’s fine for you to do that, but don’t be surprised when you aren’t accepted to progression raids – pug or otherwise, when you have a spec like that.

Dear Rogues:
Spellpower is not for you.  Taking a piece away from a healer because you want to roll need for whatever reason, is rude.

Dear Warrior Tanks:
Learn to use vigilance if you’re having trouble holding threat.  It helps – I promise.  So many new warrior tanks in heroics have no concept of this notion.

Dear Everyone:
Don’t drink and heroic.  Or do drugs and heroic.  Causing wipes because you’re wooo hoo out there isn’t fun for us.  Not being able to hold threat on an ICC 25 geared pally tank because you’re so drunk – also bad.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Dear Death Knight Tanks:”

  1. I was just saying the other day how I can’t believe the rash of bad DK’s lately. Lots of DW Blood and Unholy and they along with many others are becoming more common at having 71pt builds.

    LFG has really gone down hill lately. To the point that when I’m in a good group we often all decide to stick together for a few randoms. This used to never happen back in the early days of LFG for me.

    1. I’ve blogged about a few really bad builds in my day, too. I hate to see 71-point builds in a dungeon or raid environment. I have a 71-point frost mage build that I like to use for farming/dailies because it gives me the most survivability and the lowered damage doesn’t matter to me in that setting. I shudder to think that somebody would copy it, thinking, “well that guy’s a good mage, I bet his frost build is awesome.” Because while it is – for what it’s meant to do – raiding with it just wouldn’t work.
      This is something I do with most of my dps toons: I have a high-dps spec (for dungeon runs) and a high-survivability build (for questing and gatehring). I just wonder how many people have copied this sort of spec from a player they respect or admire, not realizing the difference in the specs or perhaps forgotten to switch their own specs before queuing. I’ve seen quite a lot of suspect builds even when they don’t go a full 71-points of whatever. I saw a prot pally that had skipped pretty much every bonus talent that improves mitigation, avoidance, and health (high threat build, maybe?).

  2. Yeah I queued back to back with a group 6 or 7 times one time when I was gearing up my new dk… It was amazing and awesome 😀 And the sad part is there was like only one of us that was “leet” geared but everyone was pulling their weight.

  3. It always amuses me to see dual wield DKs who are not frost. Amuses me and saddens me that people are that clueless.

    I can only assume that they’re casual, new players who don’t know where to find the real answers. But then don’t come to a raid like that. If you’re new and casual, accept the fact that you are and don’t join raids until you know what to do.

    I have to admit I don’t always put up vigilance in Heroics – but then I don’t have any threat problems either. If a dps ends up being really good and close to pulling I might bother to put it up – it’s sheer laziness really. I like to wait and see who to put it on, because in Heroics the performances are so wildly different from class to person that I can never tell beforehand who is the most likely to pull/give me extra threat.

  4. DK non-tanks:
    Don’t use icy touch in frost presence please!

    All new tanks:
    If aggro is going amok – start marking a target. I put skull on F2 and X on F3.

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