“Cataclysm is coming out in 3 months, what’s the point?”

This is a sentiment I see a lot in game right now. We’re in that transition period… but here’s a few things to think about:

1. Just because Gamestop says November 5th or even if Blizz does, doesn’t make it so. People are always glad to take your money now for a preorder.

2. Given the state of the beta [without giving details] you’d better hope it’s not November. I’m very underwhelmed by the beta. Some parts are truly awesome, but some haven’t even been touched yet.

3. If you enjoy raiding, keep raiding – you may back off as I’ve seen some of our raiders doing, which is fine… it is a slump time – everyone deserves a break! Just keep in mind – if you disappear completely or signup and never show, you could end up being replaced by someone who wants to be there. I watched this happen in BC… people disappeared, got replaced and were suddenly back months later for Lich King and were surprised that their team wasn’t sitting and waiting on them. If you are going to elect to stop playing till Cata – let your team know.

4. Don’t live your life in-game or out, waiting for something better to come along. Enjoy the moment! Most people have a few cataclysm goals left to reach – whether it be killing Lich King, leveling up an alt, gearing up an alt, reaching gold cap… whatever. Make a goal and aim for it if you’re feeling bored with the game. My hubby, for example, has got it in his head to work on “The Insane” achievement and is leveling a warrior. He only gets a level or two done a week but every little bit…


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on ““Cataclysm is coming out in 3 months, what’s the point?””

  1. This is why I’m working on the alts i don’t have Cata plans for. It keeps me busy between raids till the expansion.

    I’m not to fond of the more grindy achievements. I’m quite enjoying leveling casters at the moment as it’s a class type I normally don’t play.

  2. I didn’t want to end WotLK’s endgame content after Cataclysm’s launch… Feels like I’m not giving WotLK it’s effort to be complete.

    PS: I will be back.
    PPS: I hope so. lol
    PPPS: there are two #3 items on your list, ma’am. πŸ™‚

  3. I still think of leveling my remaining low levels to 80 and gearing them at least a little bit. For fun rather than use since I know none of them will ever be my main. But it gives me something to do. Lately I haven’t been leveling them though, I admit – I’m finding leveling rather boring πŸ™‚

    So I’m looking at other things to do. Been joining some raids on the alts already 80, or doing the one HC per day to get some more gold.

    There’s a couple of achievements I’d like to do as well (mainly because it involves a pet or mount, since other than that I don’t care so much for achievements) – but I can’t decide which character to do it on *lol*

    I wish people weren’t giving up already. I don’t necessarily want to raid 5 days a week or anything right now, but 1-2 evenings to just clear stuff (even if on alts) would be nice. Just to feel that the guild is still there.

  4. I saw alot of this kind of attitude before Burning Crusade hit (not as much with WotLK, oddly). Raids in the guild I was in before that first expansion pretty much ground to a halt when it was about a month away from release…that’s when I started doing BG’s for the first time evar.

    I personally have alot to work towards still in the game. I aspire at some point to kill Arthas on my Endy. Dunno when that will happen, but it’s a goal to work towards. I want to do more in Ruby Sanctum. I want to see all of what ICC has to offer in 10 and 25 man. I want to gear up my DK more and work up my Disc priest to be an asset to the guild. So I have tons to do!

  5. 1. I definitely agree that no one should take the Gamestop page as a definite release date.

    2. The leveling experience looks drastically different for all of Azeroth, and that’s why I quit leveling alts. Why keep doing it the way I’ve done it a dozen times before when I can get a fresh experience in a few months?

    3. I don’t enjoy raiding anymore. It got old quick. I was lucky enough to join an ICC25 guild late enough that no one needed gear from the first 6 bosses anymore so I was getting new gear left and right. The players were like well oil machines through the early bosses and it was great. However, we were hitting a wall with the big bosses like Prof and BQL. Months went by without being able to take them down and we were replacing members every week. Having to teach new people every time kept us from being able to get it done and I didn’t see us ever downing Sindragosa or LK on 25 man ever.

    Plus, raid gear will be obsolete again as soon as Cataclysm drops, so why keep trying? I’ve watched plenty of beta videos where people were replacing epic 264 2H axes from ICC25 with greens immediately upon doing Cataclysm quests. If Blizz could just get it through their thick skulls that alienating raiders by making their gear obsolete was a bad idea they wouldn’t lose so many players every time an expansion comes out.

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