Malygos Pug Win?

It would figure after ranting about the evils of Malygos pugs that I’d run into a great one 😛

I saw someone adverting in trade for a tank for the weekly after our 25 man raid.  I waited a few minutes and finished up what I was doing on an alt and then hopped over to ask if they still needed me.  Well, they did.  🙂

I wasn’t impressed by the raid leader’s full pvp gear on armory, but eh, some pvp geared people are still pretty good at dps.  And I think every single person in the group asked who the tank was… despite me being invited as the tank and saying I was tank several times in response in raid.  This wasn’t entirely encouraging either, but hey… I joined and I’m going to give it my best.

We got the last healer in raid as the raid leader suddenly realized he’d forgotten to ask about the key.  I piped up and said not to worry, that I had it [My warrior had the quest from it in fact :D].  The last healer then asks who the tank is…   What was said next gave me warm fuzzies.

“Odyyn is our hero, the tank and key holder”.

I knew which person to vigilance, having run with the particularly high threat hunter before [no, not you this time George].  And away we went!

We got a brief explanation of the fight and several people hadn’t done it before.

The first attempt went really well.  We had the dps warrior dc during phase 2 outside the bubble during the breath…  so problematic.  Odyyn ended up on a platform since we only had like 2 melee and only one of them knew to hop on one.  We dropped on drakes and several died right away but the rest of us took it to the enrage – with 300k left.

Sweet.  As long as no one left, we’d probably get it second try.

Run back.  Rebuff.  Raid leader asked if anyone had questions and clarified a couple points for the people new to the fight who were confused about one thing or another.

And we proceeded to kill him 😀  We dropped on drakes with all 10 people up and no one died immediately.  We had three people get decent stacks on the boss [and one of those was really high] and well… he died 😀

The raid leader thanked us for our patience and I have to admit I was surprised.  I don’t see a lot of patient people with that fight.  I also don’t see a lot of people willing to try to learn phase 3.

One of the dps spoke up and said that if we ever needed a dps, to feel free to friend her.  She then added “Not that dps aren’t a dime a dozen”.

I replied, “Patient dps aren’t.”


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “Malygos Pug Win?”

  1. I am definitely happily surprised when a raid weekly pug actually gets Maly down with little to no problems. We can usually overpower Phase 1 & 2, but then everyone’s brain implodes on Phase 3 and we wipe.

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