Malygos Stupid Awards of the week:

Grand Prize:
Apparently there is a hunter on my server who will go into pugs and will demand multiple buffs from pallies in them or he threatens to leave and then does.

He demanded that my paladin give him both kings and might.  Now I was the only pally and he wasn’t asking for drums.  He actually wanted BOTH pally buffs from my paladin.

I replied that he could have the big kings or might and that I’d happily give him either one but to pick.

“I’m out then.”  And he left raid.

Um… wow.

And I wonder why a hunter of his gearing ISN’T guilded?

Honorable Mentions:

1. The hunter with the mp5 helm off Gunship.

2. The Raid Leader who insisted we all /follow him on phase 3.  He died immediately on Phase 3 and proceeded to scream at us for NOT following him during it.

3. The healers who felt no need to heal dps on Malygos…  Naturally all the dps died in or shortly after the first vortex in phase 1 because we “pulled aggro” during vortex.

4. The healer who screamed at me on my pally because I pulled Malygos to “the wrong side of the circle”.

5. The group that got Maly to 196k on first attempt and then fell apart because we’re fail because we wiped.

6. The dps warrior who was decently geared but could only pull 1500 dps… died in the breath in Phase 2 and is still sitting in trade trying to Maly after being in 3 fail pugs I was also in.  He was also in several the first day.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “Malygos Stupid Awards of the week:”

  1. 2. I’ve had raid leaders who insisted we follow him on Phase 3. It ended up just as poorly as yours did.

    3. Yikes, those are some horrible healers. I’m usually healing in Maly raids so that makes me cringe. Resto Druids like me own in Vortex phase with all our instant cast hots. Wild Growth ftw!

    4. LOL “wrong side of the circle”. It’s a circle, how is there a wrong side?

    5. I have so many raids like this. If you don’t one shot the boss everyone calls it a fail group and drops. How about learning the fight mechanics first instead of assuming you can overgear an encounter so badly you don’t need a brain?

    6. I’ve asked numerous times to be made raid leader so I could kick fail dps because the current raid leader was too scared to offend someone. I’d rather offend one or two idiot players and finish the raid than keep going with failures and walk away with nothing but a huge repair bill.

  2. Ah, the circle issue. I’ve got that while tanking. You just have to be on the other side for that……..XP

    And that hunter. Words fail me….

    Indeed, Malygos separates the raiders from the people who are looking to be carried.

  3. 1500dps in a raid?

    That’s nothing – I had the misfortune of ending up with a RL (Dk with semi decent GS) – he put out 700dps on Ony10 – now I always check the RL out as much as I would vet pugs in my own runs.

    1. Yeah I tend to take a gander at the raid in general when I enter one if I have any down time at all waiting for people to get there or summoning people etc. The biggest red flag is usually a 71 point spec on a person with decent gearing/enchanting/gemming.

  4. LOL wow this really brightened my day to read. Fails of the week are usually good laugh to read and this one doesn’t disappoint.

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