Some Tips for Doing Loremaster…

I just finished Loremaster on a second toon so I thought maybe I had enough expertise in the matter to give some tips for doing it 😛

1. Get Everyquest.  Now.  This addon was great for finding those questgivers in the middle of nowhere that have one quest and no breadcrumbs to take you to them.  It scans your history and gives a list of quests per zone – color coded [Turned In/Completed/In Progress/Abandoned/Unknown – aka not picked up yet]

2. Wowhead is your friend.  There is a reply on most quests on whether it counts for Loremaster of EK/Kalimdor/whatever.  This was especially helpful to see if quests further in a chain might count for the one I was grinding or if it was all something else.

3. Do the most difficult one first.  Typically this is Kalimdor because the margin for error is a lot tighter there.  However, I know some people abhor outland or have already done Northrend quests on alts enough that it frustrates them.

4. Set a goal for yourself.  Make it reasonable and doable as well.  I aimed for 50 quests a day when I did Loremaster on my death knight.  Another guildie aimed at 25, and a third aimed for 10 a day at a certain point.  Exceeding the goal is fine too.  I typically tried to do at least 5-10 more quests than my goal.

5. Plan on days where you don’t grind Loremaster!  Unless you’re one of those people who can and must grind till completion [and doesn’t burn out], plan some days where you don’t work on this goal but instead just have fun with guildies/friends/etc.  Don’t forget Real Life either! 😀

6. If you get frustrated with a quest that is particularly annoying, go to something else or get off the computer for a while.  In my experience, that frustration is a sign that your brain needs a break.

Hubby’s biggest tip – “Put your brain in neutral, turn on tv/movie/music, grind, and watch tv”.  He says it works for sessions of rep grinding [UGH bane of my existence]

Part of the reason I waited so long to grind Loremaster on my death knight [my main] is the sheer amount of questing required for that…  My death knight had done exactly NONE of the vanilla WoW quests.  I got the starting area done and hit outlands.  It actually went a lot faster in some respects because instead of ferreting out any quests I’d missed – I simply did EVERYTHING.

Now is the perfect time for focusing on achievements like this and the Insane [if you’re insane].  Trust me, do these now if you want them done because when the xpac hits, you’ll have other goals to worry with – namely leveling 5 levels and playing with worgen and goblin newbie toons.

Do you have any tips on becoming a Loremaster?  Please feel free to comment!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Some Tips for Doing Loremaster…”

  1. I’s also add to get few other addons.

    Questhelper so you have and on screen arrow to point you to the quest goals and in the best order for multiple quests.

    Loremaster witch is an addon to Everquest which puts an [L] next to quests in it’s list that count.

    Lightheaded will add functionality to your quest log to see the notes people have made on various quest on wowhead and lists if the quest is part of a chain.

    And last but not least, Handy notes. This has a feature that will show the ! on your mini and world map of the places where a quest giver is.

    This suite makes doing Loremaster a time investment of much smaller proportions than it would otherwise be.

  2. Hey

    I just wanted to leave a comment here and thank you for inspiring me to just DO THIS on my DK. I’ve had this nagging need in me to grind loremaster/seeker on my DK for a while now (I already have 3 toons there).

    The thing for me is, with a DK it seems more epic, since they technically never even had to quest through Vanilla content. And yes, Kalimdor is a doozy, BUT as you said, since you can hit each zone fresh, you wont end up spending a week looking for the last 20 odd quests for each LM meta (my mage had some troubles, being my 1st).

    Thx again 🙂


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