Operation Gnomeregan Bug

Since no one in game can be bothered to listen to directions or prevent Mekkatorque from bugging, here’s a basic explanation here so you don’t make the mistake.

When Mekkatorque gets to the front entrance of Gnomer, stay with him or behind him… Let the bad evil troggs and such come hit him.  If you go in the tunnel and zerg them down without letting mobs get out and to him, he will bug and not finish the event.

If you bug him, you’ll have to wait for him to reset [aka the time for finishing the event] and then wait the 6 minutes to start the next round of it.

Every alt I’ve run through tonight has had to do it twice simply because no one can be bothered to listen or understand.  When I’ve tried to explain to stay with the king so he doesn’t bug, I get a “QQ more, idc, I’ll just do it again” reply.  Most of my alts are going to end up waiting till tomorrow morning to finish it.

When he yells “Sweet baby titans!  That’s got to be the biggest trogg I’ve ever seen!  Keep firing… take it down!” you should be good and past the point of concern.

And guess what?  This bug was known in the beta.  And it’s in the release.

Inspires confidence doesn’t it?

And for those who like to pop up mammoths and stand on questgivers?  I have tickets with your name on them. ;).  I know perfectly well how to get around what you’re doing but there’s still no excuse.  I think Shepherd Book in Firefly said it best…  something about a “special hell”.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

10 thoughts on “Operation Gnomeregan Bug”

  1. Well, at least I don’t feel bad about not having an active account right now. I want to do these quests, along with the troll ones, but that alone isn’t reason enough to play again. Patch 3.9 can’t come soon enough!

  2. I do not think getting ahead of the King has anything to do with it. I just tried this morning with one other person (only two of us in the group). We both knew about the bug, and stayed behind king. It still happened.

  3. I was doing it solo, everything going fine. I also knew about the bug and stayed behind Tinker… a guy not even in the group rode straight past me and down the tunnel, he brought some Troggs back up with him, we killed them and Tinker bugged immediatly. This was last wave before giant Trogg.

  4. It might have something to do with aggroing them, not ‘standing in front of the king’ as such. With my hunter I got the bug when soloing, but it could be because I was volleying the **** out of everything that moved.

  5. The OP is wrong. Blizz screwed this uo as usual. I run it without anyone and didn’t touch any mobs what so ever and it still bugged.

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