That is the Risk You Run…

I was in Icecrown, working on some quests with my hunter to finish up Northrend Loremaster.  All of a sudden, I get an NPCscan ding…  Putridius is active.  I fly over and find a spot to ambush him where I won’t have to deal with other mobs.  I see no one around.  He is untagged and in the middle of nowhere.

I engage Putridius.

All of a sudden, a level 78 arms warrior comes from the other direction, stands behind me and starts rude gesturing me.  Which eh, shows his level of maturity.

I shoot him a whisper to chill out, that I engaged the mob first, fair and square.

Now also, keep in mind that Putridius the Ancient is a level 82 elite mob.

No one else is around.

He shoots me a few choice whispers… well… most of it was caught by the profanity filter but the gist of it was that he’d been following Putridius for a long time to kill him.  And I was basically a meanie-poohead for daring to kill the elite rare.

Eh… I’ve had them snitched from under me too…  I don’t usually fire off emotes and cuss words at the others.  That’s the risk you run, especially when you can’t take him on the spot and others can.

After I got told to “bug off” in more creative language, I simply thanked him… that I always enjoy getting new blog material.  Because ain’t it sweet?  I got a whole blog post out of it!

Dear little warrior, if you’d been following him as long as you said, I’m sorry… but I saw no one nearby and I could take him on the spot, whereas you couldn’t… and to be honest, I have my doubts about you being able to kill him at all solo.  Had you been following him, as you say, you probably would have seen me following him but you came from the opposite direction.  Had you whispered me, I’d have even gladly helped you kill him.  Heck, had you been nice, I’d have even given you the nice plate bracers he dropped that I’m sure you could have used.  Yeah, despite the fact that I shouldn’t have, I felt a little bad… at least until you unleashed the stupid on me.  Welcome to my global ignore now though… and since I’m stepping up my random running, that might actually affect you come level 80.  I like to think so anyway 😉

Happy hunting!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “That is the Risk You Run…”

  1. All is fair when it comes to random Mobs. . . .I’ve lost many when I was about to attack when someone else swooped in for the kill. All part of the game!

  2. I never stop to leave comments on peoples sites but I just felt I had to stop and tell you that I love your site. Love your design and I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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