Brewfest Roundup

For my own records/curiousity, I wanted to keep track of who got what when [and also get some idea of how common some items are this year].  This will track my own toons and my husband’s as well.  Insert cut for those who don’t want to read the long list that’ll be updated every day during brewfest.  This ends up tracking a total of 17 toons and perhaps an 18th if hubby’s warrior levels high enough before brewfest is over.

Sept 20: Hubby’s lock got a [Tankard of Terror].  My pally got the dagger [yay 20g!].  My warrior got the kodo mount.

Sept 21: Askevar2 got a tankard.  My rogue got the direbrew remote.  Hubby’s lock got the direbrew remote.  Hubby’s second pally got the dagger.

Sept 22: My lock got the remote; my shaman got the dagger; hubby’s dk got a tankard;

Sept 23: Askevar 2 got the dagger; My rogue got the Ram mount; my druid got the dagger; my priest got the dagger; hubby’s dk got a tankard

Sept 24: Druid got the dagger; hubby’s dk got yet another tankard

Sept 25: My hunter got the ram; hubby’s 2nd dk got the kodo; Askevar [the main] got the ram, hubby’s second pally got the kodo and his lock got the dagger.

Sept 26: My hunter got the kodo; my rogue got the kodo AND a tankard of terror; Askevar [the main] got a dagger as well – yay 20g! Hubby’s lock got ANOTHER dagger.

Sept 27: Hunter got another kodo; Shaman got a remote; My druid got a remote; my priest got the ram [which she already had] and the dagger again.

Sept 28: My pally got the remote; Hubby’s 2nd dk got the ram, My second hunter got the ram; hubby’s lock got a tankard, hubby’s dk got the dagger;

Sept 29: Rogue got the direbrew remote [again]

Sept 30: My pally got the Ram, My shaman got the ram; My rogue got another tankard; Askevar the main got the remote;

October 1:  Pally got the dagger, Rogue got a second kodo, hubby’s dk got a tankard

October 2: Shaman got the remote… again

October 3: Mage got the dagger, Priest got the remote and a tankard; hubby’s hunter got the kodo, hubby’s dk got the dagger;

October 4: Hunter got the remote, hubby’s lock got another remote, hubby’s second pally got another kodo

October 5th: Mage got another dagger; Priest got another ram and a dagger. Rogue got a third remote. Hubby’s second dk got a remote.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “Brewfest Roundup”

  1. Endy got a Tankard and promptly sold it because none of my 80’s can make use of it. I was about to sell it when I realized it was BoE and there were tons on the AH. Then Celrina got one too. I still have it because I’m lazy and didn’t get around to posting it on the AH. And my priest got a kodo! How exciting! I never get the special mounts from..well, anywhere except Culling of Strat. Like that’s hard. Wooooo Brewfest!

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