Wow! It’s Been a Year!

September 16th marked my one year anniversary as a WoW blogger!  Wow!  And what a year it’s been!  I couldn’t believe it myself, but I remarked to hubby just yesterday that I was sure I’d done a post on Brewfest before.

*cue shock that it’s been a year*

I went back through my entries and sure enough, there’s a Brewfest entry from last year.  It was a bit later last year but still…  I actually went ahead and retweeted the entry since all of it is relevant today.

And here’s my Kodo Post

Back then were starting to make the bucket lists.  Back then my priest was level 79 and my mage and warrior weren’t yet 80.  Askevar flirted with dual wield tanking for the first time.  And 3.2.2 was upon us.

It was interesting to look back… and it’s always interesting to look forward [Cataclysm] but I still have stuff to do this expansion.  I’ve kicked into a slightly higher gear to finish my latest bucket list but I’m also not stressing over it 🙂


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Wow! It’s Been a Year!”

  1. Happy Blogoversary!! Been that long has it? I still got awhile and still have goals I want to meet. But it’s been fun times! I truely enjoy reading your posts, specially the wacky pugs you seem to find (I was in one!).

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