A New Toon

This blog hasn’t been big on Cataclysm speculation and such.  I mean, I’m in the beta and all so anything I want to know, I go look up, or accept that the answer isn’t there.  I’ve focused on starting areas and lowbie toon for the beta, simply because – well… I’ll be doing the 80-85 grind probably 10 plus times… no point in getting burned out on it now.

I’ve also come to accept that in Cataclysm, I’ll be playing a new toon.  Oh, don’t jump and think I’m ditching Askevar prematurely.  I adore her but even if she’s still my main, she’ll be a new toon to learn and get to know.

I played in vanilla… started raiding in Burning Crusade on my warlock.  I adored playing her and loved the demonology spec.  Then Lich King hit…  and suddenly she felt nerfed into oblivion.  She was doing less dps at level 80 than she was at level 70.  It was depressing, frustrating and annoying.  Being at the bottom of every recount didn’t help either.  And it didn’t matter what I did or what gear I got for her… the dps just wasn’t there.  I was then faced with the choice… do I prefer to be demonology or do I prefer to be a raiding warlock?  That question had no easy answer and frustrated me for months.  But when it came down to it, I prefered to be a demonology warlock to being a raiding one.  That, combined with a tank shortage, catapulted me into the tanking role I now have.

Askevar was an unholy spec tank for the spell resist in Naxx.  It worked and it suited her decently.  When we hit Ulduar, however, it was no longer sufficient.  So I faced the same question – do I prefer to tank or do I prefer to be unholy?  The answer was that I preferred to tank and thus went frost, which I have stuck with since in some form or another.  I flirted with blood but completely detest the spec.  Why?  I don’t really know.  It doesn’t feel right.

Well blood is the tanking spec in the new expansion…  so when Cataclysm does hit I’ll be faced with the question once again – do I prefer to be a tank or do I prefer to be frost?

I dread the answer… which even with the beta at my fingertips, I can’t say anything for certain.  I won’t know for probably a month or two after the expansion hits.  That is going to be a murky time… as always.  There will be a flurry of people changing mains and perhaps roles… we may become unbalanced again… or not have enough tanks or healers… or too many.  It’s something we’ll have to work with and adjust to and the teams will probably have to adjust accordingly in some cases.

It will all work out, but the beginning of expansion frustration is not something I look forward to…  The not knowing who I’ll be playing is probably the most annoying point in there… which is why I try to focus on the now and let the rest work itself out, as it inevitably will.

Anyway, enough of my rambly thoughts.

ETA: And if it’s my disc priest, I know just how to RP transition to her…  it all came to me the other night 😛  but anyway, we shall see.  And yes, I’ll try to stop being depressing now.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “A New Toon”

  1. Great minds…..I’ve been doing some questioning of my own lately. Nothing quite as dramatic as yours, with your army of alts to choose amongst and such. And in my case, I’m just debating between 2 healers. The role is the same (in a general sense), so I can be fairly certain I’ll be healing in Cata. I’m trying to keep things pretty open at this point. Endy’s been my main for so long now a change of mains would be kinda hard, and I’m trying to keep in mind that my priest is the new hotness and the shiny still hasn’t quite worn off. At this point, I’m contemplating Endy-as-main and Ryska as a slightly less-than-main or co-main. Not sure how it’s gonna work out. Then I’ll have my DK in reserves for those situation when DPS is needed.

    Oh, 2 disco priests in the guild, as mains or close to it….Iris is gonna love it.

    1. I just still clearly remember the aggravation I had with my lock back when Lich King hit… she went from my comfort zone/part of me to something foreign that I couldn’t stand and didn’t feel right. I hated that. I am excited about some of the Cataclysm stuff, but at the same time I dread relearning my toons.

  2. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, I’m thinking of switching mains in Cataclysm as well. I think I’m done being the guild’s tank on my warrior (I don’t like where they’re going and have heard pretty bad stuff from warrior tanks in the 85 dungeons/heroics), but now I have to figure out what I want to do instead. I might go back to my warlock, I just hope she will be better than she was at times in Wrath – I briefly thought of hunter but not sure how I feel about their focus changes.

    I guess we shall all wait and see what we end up being in Cataclysm 🙂

  3. Well whatever toon you go with you have my support as always. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt you can count on me being a holy Paladin.

    Cata looks to only improve my class/spec of choice and no matter what happens I won’t give in. I’ve weathered the “your class sucks as a healer” plenty of times before and it’s never stopped me.

    There is just something about being a Holy Paladin that I enjoy. The concept is the best part. A warrior who uses the power of Light to help those in need. I mean come on, you don’t get much more cool than that.

    1. Word. I’ve always liked the lore of paladins, and I’ve heard the “you only have 2 healing spells” comments. But you know, there’s just something about the class I’ve just enjoyed playing…early on I loved that I was a healer, but in durable plate vs squishy cloth. I could stand up there and take hits with the best of em!

      I think for sure, Endy’s not going to get abandoned, no matter what I end up doing in Cata. She will be the first toon I level, this I know. Always has been. But after 5+ years of being a paladin first and foremost, I’m for the first time wondering if I shouldn’t give someone else some serious attention too.

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