State of the Toons:

Time for a state of the alts analysis/whatever.

Askevar – is doing just fine.  She needs one more token for her main set and then all the upgrades that exist for her are basically re-tuning stats and heroic modes.  For her dps offspec… well… her trinkets need some serious help.  She’s still using the Pyrite Infuser off Flame Levi, but the DW trinket either never drops or we have someone whose main spec needs it… and taking something away from someone’s mainspec is just going to hurt the team as well as 25 mans… so I’m not going to do that.

Kintara – still has her place as “First Alt”.  Something tells me however, that she may end up my main in Cataclysm.  As hubby reminded me last night – it’s going to take me a month or two to figure out if working with Askevar as a blood tank will be do-able and enjoyable.  And figuring out my other toons’ talent trees will take time as well.

Alika – I originally planned for her to be a ret pally but she’s more prot than ret now.  I was working on 2 piece t10 for her ret set [she already has all the tanking badge stuff] but I’m unsure if I should spend the badges or save them for her to have a jump start on justice points?

Arica – I finally tanked in her offspec and apparently I don’t suck at bear tanking as much as I believed and feared.  I’m nowhere near as practiced as on my other tanks, but her threat seemed good, which was what I felt was holding me back.

Askalaphos – Not much has happened with my hunter other than the fact that she swapped to Marksman from Survival.  I finished Northrend Loremaster on her and she’s probably in a holding pattern now till Cataclysm.

Carlyn – Still my bank alt, but I’m contemplating bringing her into the guild before the guild system hits, as I suspect I’m going to like her more than my rogue.

Aulao – Spends more time as fire than arcane, but arcane is the real damage raid spec for me.  Fire is fun, but I don’t make it work very well.

Tsali – I tried to heal ICC on her the other week and ended up OOM halfway through the boss fight.  Her resto spec cuts it for heroics… but she’s not going to be a raider.

Kalliana – My rogue is… well… sitting there.

Odyyn – I’m having fun with his fury spec, but I’m not that great with it…  I have yet to break 3k with semi-decent gear.  I’ll be doing some research this weekend with hubby since his fury warrior is getting close to max level.  Hopefully it’ll help us both.

Askevar 2 is doing better than I could have expected.  I’m hoping this will translate to Askevar the main, and her dps has already gone up by 1000 so I’m happy.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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