Dear Blizzard,

Please stop giving Askevar2 Halls of Reflections every time I queue nowadays…  I mean seriously?  Back to back queuing for a random nets HHoR both times?  She needs nothing out of the instance and I’m sick and tired of dealing with the stupid that goes on in there.  My usual 2 wipe without progress limit has reduced to one wipe at all.  It’s bad enough that I told the group this morning that I kept getting HHoR and that if we wiped I’d be out.

No love,


ETA: I’ve been randomed into it about 10 times in the last 2 days… literally.  Only one of those netted an easy instance.  In the other nine, I was top dps and often times the only person doing higher than 2k dps [I was in the 3.5-4k on trash and 4-5k on boss fights].

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Dear Blizzard,”

  1. My mage will swap you for Occulus and Pit of Saron then. I love Halls of Reflection but I’ve never had it through the random on any character.

    I wish the random feature had something inbuilt to stop the dice rolling a 4 twice a row though. I got seven Strand of the Ancients one after the other yesterday.

  2. Try removing a coupla gear pieces, log out, wait for half an hour or something (for that information to get cached) and your problem is solved. It won’t queue you to h-HoR because it requires a certain gear score for anyone to be randomed into it.

    What I suggest is before logging out at night, always remove a few of your gear pieces and when you log back in next day dont put them on untill your LFD group is created.

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