I Belong in the Bee Pit…

I queued for a random this morning, got put in H-HoL, an annoying instance to be fair.  I could see trouble immediately.  The tank was blue-geared and the healer was a paladin with 42k mana…  And the dps [other than I] were sporting uber-titles.

This is naturally, a recipe for disaster.  Especially when as the warrior pulled the first mobs, the holy pally runs off and snags the next group, which the warrior tank [already having rage issues] can’t get a hold of.  The warrior tank asks “why’d you do that?”

Holy pally replies “Because I can handle it” as he charges off and pulls another group.  The mage and boomkin follow him and they vote kick the tank [I voted no] and initiate a requeue.  I decline to requeue and sit at the entrance where I’d stuck with the tank.  Hubby’s looking over my shoulder at this point because I have that “I hate stupid jerk pugs look” on my face.

They initiate a requeue again and I just sit there… and toss out a random vote kick on the mage which fails [he’d been screaming gogogogogogogogogogo].

The pally and mage start ragging on the boomkin, who was decent but apparently he was the reason the three of them couldn’t handle the first boss and wiped.  I admit, I was cackling at that point, but said nary a word.

Holy pally drops group; mage drops group.  Boomkin remains.  I finally select the dps role, we get a group in moments and continue.

Probably a fine example of Bee Pit Democracy

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “I Belong in the Bee Pit…”

  1. I don’t initiate kicks as much as I used to because they always fail. No matter how awfully stupid the tank, or how completely useless and selfish the DPS, the retards always seem to band together to defend their idiocy instead of punishing it. If I see a group is going that poorly, I just drop group and /ignore all the idiots. My ignore list fills quickly, but I’m done carrying groups with my healing or DPS.

    Cataclysm will be a very harsh time for these morons. I would rather have half the player base quit the game saying “It’s too hard!” than have to go through another expansion of idiots getting by with their welfare epics. Let the content weed out the bads with its difficulty and let me actually find some decent players to do heroics with. Heck, some poor players may actually learn how to play because of Cataclysm’s difficulty.

  2. Haha that’s awesome. And, of course, they couldn’t vote kick you because they were probably victims of their “kick-power” and had some sort of cooldown on kicking other people. Or they were too stupid to think of it.

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