Out of Curiosity…

What’s your fastest Coren Direbrew kill time?

Mine is 13 seconds.

But I’ve seen people discussing it and I was wondering.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Out of Curiosity…”

  1. Dunno, I’ve had some EXTREMELY fast ones though. I’ve done several on the paladin where we killed it well before my Wings could wear off.

    On one run as healer we had two people do over 10k dps in a pug. Not sure the speed but it seemed to be over faster than the little animation he does while none aggro. It was over before a mole machine arrived.

  2. Mine are usually slow. The tank regularly doesn’t pick up the adds and they run for the healer (usually me) and there’s at least one dps afk or just walking around confused.

  3. I think I had one that lasted 12 seconds last night on my DK. The mage was doing over 10K DPS. I barely had time to do anything before, BLAMO!

    It’s kinda refreshing in a way, that you don’t have to do the usual ‘wait a few seconds before opening up on the mob, so the tank has aggro’ thing. Naw, it’s just a bloody free-for-all!!

  4. I dunno… I haven’t timed the runs. I do know that I can heal the encounter without actually casting a heal. One Judgement of Light and I just DPS.

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