Direbrew isn’t Broken, WE are.

Direbrew is stupid easy, right?

I mean literally zone in, pew pew, loot and win?

The event is exactly the same as last year.  Last year we actually saw the brewmaidens throwing stuff and putting kegs on people and adds and insanity.  This year, it’s just a zerg-fest.

But they couldn’t update Direbrew any more than they could update heroics – for the simple reason that it’s challenging for a just hit 80 group.  I’ve been the tank for two groups that… well… I [as a dk and warrior tank] was double the dps and damage of the next person.  And 2k is a generous estimate of my dps.  The fight was long and we actually had to drink the brewmaiden brew thrown at us and so on and so forth.

The Direbrew event isn’t what’s broken here.  WE are broken.  We so overgear this at the upper levels of gearing – just like heroics.  Would you really have wanted them to make it say… ICC5 instances hard?  That your new 80 alts would have to attain certain levels of gearing to do a holiday event?  It’s supposed to be a fun, relatively easy event – not something you have to plod through.

And you know what?  I don’t care.  I’m rather enjoying the chance to gear up a couple toons a little better in anticipation of Cataclysm where the mobs are going to hit at least twice as hard as they do now.

Don’t worry – hard heroics and events will come soon enough… and the QQ from that will be epic.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Direbrew isn’t Broken, WE are.”

  1. I’m enjoying it, too. Not only have I gotten some pretty nice trinkets for a couple toons who had never managed to get better, but the fast frosties have put several of my toons on the fast track to the 264 badge cloaks that they would either have never gotten or would have taken forever. I simply don’t have time to run 10+ heroics every day, but I can complete all of my direbrews in under 30 minutes. It’s been a real boon to some of my more poorly-geared alts.

  2. Seeing how I have 7 toons on which kill Direbrew everyday, I’m glad it’s so fast. The drawback to this is once I cycle through them all, I can’t go do a raid for the next hour because of the number of instances limit, which is imposed account-wide.

    Now this makes me wonder how hard the special bosses (Twilight Cultists) of pre-Cataclysm event are going to be. They will be dropping level 251 gear, so maybe they will be as tough as ICC10 bosses, or at least like the ICC5s.

    Btw, I’m the female tauren druid that was waving at your alt on AD yesterday. I just happened to see you in Dalaran, and I wanted to convey that I’m a fan of your blog. Because of that, I learned that treeform has its own /bow animation. 🙂

    1. I was wondering why a tauren liked me so much 😛 [No offense – just never been able to make a horde toon stick – hoping with goblins maybe?]

      But thank you very much! Hope I’ll see you again!

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