Dear People:

If you are surprised by the extended extended extended downtime, then either you just started playing or you have a short memory.  This happens with EVERY major patch.

Don’t be surprised when you finally do log on and things are buggy or not working.  This too happens with every major patch.  In fact, Blizzard has already released a list of “known bugs”.

Seriously guys…. same pattern every time.  People BEG for major patch; Major patch screws up content, People QQ both before and after.  And seriously, don’t bother QQing to me.  I warned you this was going to happen and most people said “It’ll be fine – Blizz always gets it right” or “I just want the patch”.  😛  Very few of you have any room to talk.

So go get a book, do chores around the house, go outside – but don’t expect to play much tonight.

[In before Kanrad and Inquatitis or other guildies reply with “QQ”].  Stealing thunder iz fun 😀

ETA: BTW Blizz, “Unforeseen complications” my butt.  See entry from a few days ago.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “Dear People:”

  1. No QQ here, gotta wonder why you have to be so negative about this patch.

    I’ve played this game since beta I’m fully aware of patch days going for 12-24 hours. I know bugs can and will happen.

    But it’s not all trash. There are some good changes for the health of the game here. Also a lot is gonna suck for some spec/classes cause this is geared to level 85.

    This game never has been and never will be hard to play.

  2. LOL My only QQ is that Blizzard hasn’t brought up 1 or 2 servers. I want my parade of 4000 nekkid lvl 1 gnomes! ^.^

    (JK – mostly). I’m just annoyed because I’m sure when I finally go to class tonight, my guildies will get to start playing. 😉

  3. I fully expect problems, many problems. In fact, I’m not even expecting to get in game tonight, since I’m still downloading (I didn’t have the background loader doing it’s thing). I’ll get in and ready when I get in. Big patches like this, there will be things going wrong. Most rational people know this.

  4. October 13 2010, was a very interesting day:

    WoW 4.0.x – big one, I fully expect to be RE-learning all my classes for the next month.

    LOTRO – one day discount for many level 20-35 content packs

    Guild Wars – mad rush to finish Hall of Monuments after the Guild Wars 2 legacy/heirloom announcement.

    Competition smells so good for the MMO market. I can’t stop grinning 🙂

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