As the saying goes, “A Picture is Worth 1000 words”.  All the words in the world, couldn’t express my thrill for finishing this.  We lost someone to a valkyr early on, but recovered beautifully… kept pushing it, kept pushing it and suddenly we all fall over dead.

Cue massive screaming and squealing in vent.  We get rezzed, kill Arthas and BAM.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “DING DONG THE KING IS DEAD!”

  1. On the last Picture it looks as if I’m pointing somewhere, doesn’t it? o.O

    PS: Still cannot believe we did it! The final boss of the expansion! :O

  2. Congratulations! Recently downed him for the first time myself (Shadowpriest main) when a guild on my server were looking for a couple of PuG members to fill out the raid – one-shot everything bar LK which went down at the second attempt… Very pleased indeed!

  3. Very happy for y’all! Hopefully HFC can get him down and then Nale’s group and then….maybe we can help others out with that too. Or something. Yay!!!!

  4. Grats on your LK kill, Askevar. I’m trying to get my guild motivated to get him down as well before this expansion ends (we’re 11/12 and oh-so-close, but dealing with a bad case of the end-of-expansion blahs), so it’s nice to see that other people are still managing to keep it together and finish WotLK in style.

    And btw, it was nice to meet you in SAN guild chat last night. 🙂

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