Out with Hallow’s End, In with Day of the Dead

Hallow’s End is now over…  Still wishing I’d gotten the horseman mount on my main but eh, four alts managed to get it [two of them got it twice – darn it for not being boa!].  I finished out the toons that needed it and even managed to help hubby get the Hallowed achievement on his level 35 pally.

Day of the Dead has an achievement attached to it for dancing with Catrina.  Catrina is located at graveyards associated with the major cities [SW/IF/Darn/Ex/Dalaran/Org/UC/TB/Silvermoon].  The easiest thing I found was to go to the one in Dalaran as I have all of my toon’s hearthstones set there.  It’s between the enchanting trainer’s building and the reagent vendor’s [in the graveyard there :P].  Just target Catrina and /dance for the achievement.  You’ll be turned into an undead for 12hours [see your debuff – Honor the dead].

The vendor next to her can sell you a recipe for Bread of the Dead.  While this recipe only works on the Day of the Dead, it still counts in your recipe count.

You can also purchase a “Bouquet of Orange Marigolds” or an “Orange Marigold”.  Using those items will reveal the “dead” quest giver.  The quest giver wants you to make some Bread of the Dead for them.  If you have it made up ahead of time, you won’t need a second Orange Marigold to access the quest giver again.  You turn it in and get a temporary pet – Macabre Marionette – which is sorta fun to have trailing behind you in instances :P.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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