Lessons from Lowbie LFD or how to get on your healers bad side.

1. Never watch your healer’s mana.  And then whine at them if you die.  Bonus points if you give them a long speech about how it’s their responsibility to let you know when they need mana, despite you not reading party chat.

2. Post meters and make fun of your disc priest for doing 36 dps.  When they ask if you’re for real, call them a crybaby and jump group despite them having supported you against the rude dps [looking at you Epicdruid of Elune].

3. Don’t have a tank spec.  Resto druid in bear form ftw!  Bonus points if the healer asks you to pull smaller since you’re squishy and you call them fail heals and use how awesome you are at tanking in resto spec as proof.

4. Demand that your priest cleanse poison [priests can’t].  Bonus points if you’re a class who can.

5. When your healer says they’re drinking and to not pull, pull anyway.  They have a hundred mana – that should be fine right?

6. Run out of the healer’s LOS repeatedly.  Be surprised when you die.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Lessons from Lowbie LFD or how to get on your healers bad side.”

    1. I’ve run into all the above situations in the last week while working on my lowbie disc priest.

      Low level dungeons are so fast nowadays though… that’s the beauty of it – if you can stand to get through it.

  1. I run into all of these situations. It’s probably why I haven’t leveled an alt in a while. If I’m not healing low level instances, someone else is failing at it, so I feel obligated to do it because I’m good at it and then all the stuff you listed happens. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  2. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about some of the people you meed in LFD.

    I haven’t played my lowbie for a bit cause I decided to wait and reroll it a worgen come Cataclysm. But I remember being on the other side of that argument. I was a bear tank (not specced resto!) and I’d politely ask healers if they needed mana when I thought it looked like they were running low, and they sort of looked like me as if I was an alien or something. And not in a good ET-kind of way!

  3. Hehe, don’t get me started. Any time somebody thinks sub-80 regular dungeons are srz bznss you know you’re in for some entertainment. Of course, even 80 Heroics aren’t really anything to get excited about, but whatever.

    Just ran a random a few days ago and got Shadowfang Keep. There was a 24 rogue in there thumping his chest about how awesome he is and spamming recount after every room. We called him on it and he quit, but seriously, how do you lose track of the fact that you’re being a douche about a level 20-ish dungeon? It’s just, like, take a step back, dude. Look at yourself. Now join the rest of us in laughing at you.

  4. Oh yeah peeps have no idea how effin idiotic they are. Ive been trying to lvl a Tankadin, I finally gave up and respec’d to Ret. I seriously got tired of the abuse, it’s really not worth the headache.
    No wonder there aren’t as many heals and tanks as there are DPS. Nobody is willing to put up with the abuse. 😛

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