Various and Sundry Things…

Our ten man group took a few new people and downed him for the second time on Friday.  It was only afterwards that I realized it was mostly our original team, several of whom had to drop out due to scheduling changes and such.  Also a major grats to Endyme and Kidichka‘s group for downing LK the night before in a very intense battle.  Our third ten man is working on him as well as has scheduled a couple extra nights to get him down [they’re at that point of tasting it], so best of luck this evening guys!

One of the best things about this holiday is easily being able to level your cooking to 300.  Cynwise has a great guide here to powerleveling cooking during this holiday and it’s well worth a look.

Major let down.  Sure, the invasions in the cities are kinda cool…but a low pop server never gets Stormwind finished…  I think it’s been three or four days since we had access to those instances.  The questlines were good money and XP but relatively unimaginative.  Still waiting for the mind blowing Blizz…  And the bugs don’t help.

Is coming.  I’m actually excited about it…  I’ll be able to do more, see more, etc.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Various and Sundry Things…”

  1. The Elemental Invasion has definitely been a letdown. It was fun the first couple of times, but then it was just annoying because of how little you could get done without having to go to another major city that wasn’t being attacked. It happening every couple of hours and the bugs keeping some cities from ever being able to be finished made it even worse. Also, if you log in late at night you have absolutely zero chance of finishing the event and just have to wait for it to end.

    The Shattering better not qualify as Blizz’s last pre-cata event. The Shattering IS the Cataclysm. Plus, as cool as it will be to (possibly) see Deathwing torching some zones, is the most epic thing really just going to be letting him kill us for an achievement? That’s kinda sad.

    I love Pilgrim’s Bounty for the exact reason you stated. I got so many alts cooking up over 300 because of this. I happen to be starting over on another server so I’ll have to get this done again today.

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