Let’s Review: Portal Etiquette

Now my main isn’t a mage, so I’m going to let people who’s mains are mages disagree with any of the following, but I was a warlock back in Burning Crusade and I remember quite well the demands I got for portals as well as summons.

1. Politeness is key.  “Might I trouble you for a port?” comes across a lot better than “port plz” or “port now”.  How you make your first impression may determine whether the mage pretends to be afk, logs, ignores you, or responds and graciously helps you out.

2. Any rudeness or nasty language is the fast track for my DNP list [Do Not Port], also known as my ignore list.  I may not respond because I’m AFK, or I’m dual boxing, or whatever.  I might be busy or I might not feel like being bothered.  Stringing a bunch of cuss words at me in chat to attempt to get me to respond will NOT go over well.

3. Tip and tip well.  Guildies and friends are free.  I’ve hopped countless times to port a guildie to Dalaran on a lowbie toon…  And I’m happy to do it – see… someone did it for me!  If I don’t know you from Adam, though, I’m taking time out of gaming to port you, random person 86, to a random destination.  Offer a tip, especially a nice tip [give some of us a chance to refuse it], and you might very well make a nice friend in the mage.  I needed a port on a lowbie on my “alt” server this afternoon.  The mage refused a tip but I went and bought the reagent and sent them a nice little thank you note.  Maybe it seems over the top?  But I might need another port down the line… and maybe that mage will remember me and be kind enough to help me out again!  With the portals going away, mages are likely to be overtaxed on giving out/selling portals.  You want them to remember you well as a kind person!

4. If you want a summons from a lock, please note that it requires 3 people at the location to create the summoning stone and 2 of those people to summon from it.  Don’t demand a summons from me and then tell me to “just get 2 more people”.  I may not have 2 handy… and I’m certainly not going to pay them to help you, random person 293.  Asking if I there are people available or if I’d be willing to help you find a group?  Much more acceptable.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “Let’s Review: Portal Etiquette”

  1. Manners? Whut whut? In general, if you ask for ANYTHING nicely and are willing to pay reasonably, you’ll get what you want (probably without paying). If you are a dick people are going to shun you.

    1. I’ve already had some grief whilst dual boxing an alt around. I wasn’t sitting on my mage and missed a couple port requests. :/ Just wanted to shoot a reminder to people for all the good it’ll do [as I’m preaching to the choir here].

      But yeah, politeness and friendliness are so common in the dungeon finder nowadays [hint:sarcasm :P]… and that’s starting to translate onto the realms as well.

      I guess some people will have to learn the hard way… or relearn rather. Others will never learn 😦

  2. Manners? BAHAHAHA. Unfortunately so many people lack manners. I always, always, always offer a tip to any mage who ports me…if I ask for a port.

    Right now though, Mages on my server are definitely taking advantage of us portal-less people and charging 50-100 gold per port. I’m obviously the wrong class atm.

  3. My mage has done what I consider the limit of her altruistic nature – stood in the Silver Covenant (ex-)portal room, spamming portals to SW and inviting anyone who looked confused or who was asking for help. Some offered a tip, some didn’t – about half and half. Another mage who was helping a friend out with a portal apologised for taking my “business” (I /w them and said I was doing this out of the goodness of my heart). But that was the first day after the portals went away. I was expecting it, many weren’t. So on day one I was willing to be a complete “care bear” (even though I wasn’t on my paladin with her new “Care Bear Stare!”) and help the confused and unprepared out.

    Now, though, it will depend on how I feel at the time and how I am asked. As you’ve said, manners are important – I have devoted a lot of the last 20 years of my life drumming that into the heads of my children, I don’t want to spend my game time drumming it into the head of someone else’s child.

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