I’d like to Introduce You…

To one of my new fascinations.  I’ve already leveled a nelf mage to 42 [for ports] to be my bank toon on the server.  But I had the notion to roll a tauren pally the other day… initially as a joke… but I actually do kinda like the tauren pally…

Now I’ve never made a horde toon stick past level 20 [this pally is only level 7]… but we shall see…  It’s a  nice pre-cata project at the least 🙂

I also plan to do the human, dwarf, gnome and troll starting areas [I pride myself on doing all the starting areas at least once and those are the most changed] but I don’t expect any of those toons to stick around.  We’ll know if and when they get pink shirts 😛


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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