Of Controversies and Things…

I’ve seen the blogosphere in discussion about some of the Shattering changes – mainly the ease of leveling and the portal removal and felt like giving my own take on a lot of it.

I’m going to clarify first that I’ve played WoW since vanilla, not to beat anyone over the head because I consider myself superior as a result[I don’t], but to give a background of where my opinion is coming from.  I played in Vanilla and started raiding in Burning Crusade and am now a raid leader in Lich King.  The guild is a very different place from where it started [I’ve been in one guild for most of the time I’ve played] and it’s evolved to become better.  I’ve been most glad to be able to have my alts in one place – a medium/large guild with lots of activity.  I’ve been happy not to guild hop and to eliminate most of the drama.  That is my story – rather unusual to be in one guild so long, but otherwise fairly boring I suppose lol.

Ease of Leveling:
I’m digging this new ease of leveling in the vanilla zones.  I love alts.  In fact, I MUST have one in the leveling process at ALL times, even if they sit relatively untouched for months… I have to have that toon I can call my “In Progress Project”.   Come Cataclysm, I suppose having that project won’t be that big of a deal for months to come, between my army of 80s and the worgen and goblin I plan to roll.  I leveled the hard way and to be honest, I rather enjoy this new content where I look up and ‘oh I leveled again, let me keep questing because I love all this new… oh I leveled again”.  It’s going to take me 3 toons per faction [presuming I can stick with a horde toon ever] at least to experience it all… and that’s going to take a while given the xpac is about to hit.  I have my main to be concerned with first and then any alts I care to fuss with.

To be quite honest, I think half the reason it’s so EASY is because it’s so interesting and new that you don’t sit there and fret about “4 more bars to level”… or well, I don’t.  With them adding more and more expansions and more and more levels to traverse, they have to make it easier anyway…  especially since they fancy the idea of drawing in new customers.  I mean, let’s face it… for a lot of people the end game IS the game and for those who prefer the leveling process?  This is a chance to experience new classes and new factions etc rather than plod along on a single toon.  You can now easily level solely via instancing or via questing or a combo.  You can even turn OFF the experience if you so desire.  There are so many options!

Portal Removal
I’m going to flat out state in the interest of giving background – the portal removal doesn’t really affect me.  I zerg-leveled a nelf mage on a second account to 42 to gain the ability to port my toons and others to the 4 major cities plus Theramore and then had the mage on my main account port her to Dalaran to sit and be my banker etc.  Most of my alts are still set with hearthstones to Dalaran, though my main has moved to Stormwind just for the ease of grinding the cooking and fishing dailies.

That said, I see both sides of the portal removal.  I know they want people to move to the major cities [which mainly just crowds Stormwind rather than Dalaran tbh… it doesn’t spread it out as much as I suspect they’d like].   I also enjoyed the ease of getting around so quickly and efficiently without having to rely on a second account/random mages/boats/zepplins/flight paths.

Then again, we’ll be taking flight in Azeroth in less than a week… and personally I think all this debate will mostly vanish.  It’s going to be a whole lot more efficient to just fly A to B on your mount in most cases than to go find a flight point, hop on it and follow it’s windy inefficient path to the next destination.

Anyway, time will tell 🙂


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “Of Controversies and Things…”

  1. I read a blog post or two about the whole portal thing (as well as the speedy leveling thing) and…it’s just interesting to see what people will get worked up about. With regards to the portals being removed, I too have played since ye olde Vanilla and remember when they added in ports to Shattrath. It. Was. Awesome. You spend enough time as it is flying from one place to another when you’re questing or doing instances (before dungeon finder) that going from one continent to another erm, planet/dimension/whatever was just MORE time you had to waste. There’s a reason I took one look at EVE Online and said “Hell no!” and that was the crazy long time you spent just traveling from one point to another. The portal removal thing isn’t make or break for me, it’s just…they were rather convenient. If Blizz really wants us to spread out more, then they should add more major cities with all the amenities. There’s a reason Dalaran is my (and many others’) home base. I raid and quest and mine and herb out in Northrend. Dalaran is the ONLY city in Northrend with banks/trainers of professions, justice point vendors and (until recently) handy portals. And come Cata, there’s a reason many of us will be hanging en masse in SW. But at least out there, we can also easily choose IF, since the two cities are connected.

    L2build moar cities with banks/trainers/AH’s/etc, Blizz.

    And as for the speedy leveling thing, I’m…eh. I mean, I’m like Askevar. I’ve been there, done that and leveling now is a bit more of a chore and less fun with each time I do it (and I don’t have near the amount of alts she does, not by a long shot). So they’ve made it more speedy, yes. I blinked the other night and my lock went from 37 to 40. But they’ve also made it more logical, adding in more FP’s so you’re not running all up and down STV turning in quests and getting new ones sending you right back to where you just were, aaaaaaall the way at the bottom of the Cape. There are more quest hubs, and they are good about sending you to your next area. Best yet, with certain quests, you can turn in them in IN THE FIELD and not have to run back to get the next one. So yes, it’s going to be quicker. I can’t say how this may change things for newbies, as I haven’t been one in so long, but I imagine true newbies won’t be leveling at the breakneck speed the vets are since they’re busy going “Argg, what does this all mean? What stats are good for me, what am I doing?!?” At least, it’s what I’m going in LOTRO…where I have no clue what I’m doing half the time.

    1. Dalaran and Shattrath both have AHs now btw – for all access [not just engineers]. I have yet to find the one in Shattrath though… I’m told it’s there.

      But yeah, totally on that same page in Lotro… still trying to figure things out and I’ve watched several of my kinship members rock along ahead of me… but eh.. they’ve done it before. We’re going back and doing a lot of the low level quests just to do them. Who doesn’t enjoy riding around the Shire?!

  2. I LOVE riding around the Shire and human lands….and elf lands. It’s just so pretty and different from WoW (not to put it sound like I hate the graphics in WoW, but it’s just fun and new to me).

    And yeah, I know they have AH’s in Dal now, but of course, they add it in JUST before Cata comes out and most people are going to be based out of SW or IF I guess. Except peeps who are leveling or just really like Dal alot.

  3. I think the thing people keep forgetting in regards to leveling is level cap. With a new cap of 85, and who knows what come next expansion, Blizz doesn’t want it’s new players seeing 85 as some massive long way off.

    The faster new people and alts can reach cap the better. Sure there is a lot of content from 1-85 but the reality of this game is it starts at level cap. Making sure folks get there faster and as painless as possible is important.

  4. I have a feeling that the portal QQ isn’t going to die out as much as many people (mainly Blizzard) thinks it will. You see, no matter how you slice it a 5-minute flight isn’t the same as an instant hearth. Travel time simply is not fun and it never will be. Adding more of it will never be a good thing.
    I can’t believe that Blizzard is even surprised by this. It would be like a bank closing down half of their ATM locations and then charging a steep surcharge on the remaining ones. Now, imagine that this bank issues statements detailing their surprise that customers don’t like it. I mean, really, how clueless can you be? Blizzard completely deserves the QQ they’re getting.

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