The Last 10 Man and Other Things:

The Last Ten Man:
Friday is our 10 man raid night… and tonight was our last ten man raid before Cataclysm hits.  All three of our 10 mans have downed Arthas now [GRATS Furbutt Force!] so it’s just relaxing and staying a team before Cataclsym hits.

We did the weekly [Malygos?  Seriously?!], then went to Ulduar and did a couple of easy achieves for some people [Dwarfageddon, Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare].  After that we hopped to ICC on some mains and some alts to clear Lower Spire and Plagueworks.  Got some nice gear out to alts and I got to collect souls on my paladin [who got the bloods back a couple months – after all mains had it we rolled and brought in alts to collect them].  After that I swapped to my death knight [main] and worked on my 2h frost dps.  I did pretty good I think.  It would take a lot of work for me to really be raid ready for dps [7k overall dps but that included some big aoe trash pulls].   I watch things as a RL or a tank would… even as a dps.  For a healer that’s not as much of an issue, but for a dps it really kills your dps.  I plan to keep tanking in Cata on the DK, so I’m not very inclined to work on “unlearning” that now necessary skill 🙂

Tauren Paladin:
My Tauren pally is almost level 50 now and I’ve rather enjoyed playing horde side – to my surprise.  The Undead area and quests bother me quite a bit, but I rather like the Tauren stuff.  I got into a leveling/casual raiding guild that seems nice.  I get ribbed for being alliance main side but it’s all good.  I’m happy to have a guild to hang in but eh, I’ll be happy when worgen get here and I can do some work on my worgen druid.



Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “The Last 10 Man and Other Things:”

  1. I get ribbed for having my mains be Alliance all the time on my new Horde characters. It’s funny, because every time I would hear from someone who played Horde and switched to Alliance, it’s this “holier than thou” attitude because they think Horde is better, but when it’s someone who switched TO Horde, the other Horde players treat you like you just took a dump on their porch. Definitely a sense of entitlement with the Horde players I’ve bumped into.

    1. Well it’s good natured in my case… Couple of my guildies told me that I shouldn’t have said anything about being alliance but eh… I’d rather be up front about where my priorities are going to be come Cataclysm [hence why I was given the “alt” rank]

  2. Yes, I could definitely use some more toon slots. While I’m not bumping up against the 50 per account limit (yet :P) I’m certainly bumping up against the 10-per server limit on multiple servers. If only they had done something about cross-server heirlooms yet, I’d be such a happier camper. I know they want to go the straight-up mailable item route, and that this is a difficult thing to program, but it somewhat irks me that there are already multiple solutions in-game that, even if imperfect, would certainly tide us over until the cross-server mail could be worked out. BoA pets, RAF rewards, unlockable vendors, the event-pet vendors that use keycodes: all could be used as an interim solution to distribute heirlooms across realms because all of them distribute an item across an account in different ways. While you would probably lose enchants on any such solution (i.e. one that clones the item on the new server) I think most people would rather lose an enchant on an item than lose the whole item. I think I’ll make a post detailing the above methods in case some people don’t know what I mean from mentioning them casually.

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