Cataclysmic Preparations…

Well it’ll be here in a few short hours!   My husband has decided to go pick up our copies tonight at midnight and to start them installing right before we go to bed.  So, if by some miracle the server DO come up on time and STAY up, I’ll be able to play some tomorrow.

Bucket List
I completed most of my pre-cata bucket list and in fact made several successive short lists after the main one, which I completed as well.  The only thing not done at the moment is to get my Tauren Paladin to 60 [she’s 58 – close enough].

In Game Preparations
I’m actually writing this entry as my tailor turns a metric ton of netherweave into bolts for easier storage [and to make initial bags for the alts I’ll make].  But suffice to say, I’ve gone through each toon’s bank twice at least.  I’ve turned all the pygmy oil into guru’s elixirs [great for EVERY toon to use to level].  I’ve vendored a bunch of stuff that didn’t sell and I still have quite a few auctions left up [we’ll see how they do].  I’ve got bags and a few odds and ends ready for my female worgen.  I’m as ready as I can really be.

Goals for Tuesday:
1. Log into each 80 to trigger rested to start accumulating.  For my main it won’t be much before I start leveling her with the hubby tomorrow night but eh…
2. Buy every 60 plus toon Azerothian flying.  I even have parked a few of them near the trainer so I can get that done easily.
3. Create my worgen and goblin toons, attempt to get at least the worgen out of the starting zone in the morning whilst the server load and competition is lighter.
4. Level and gear my main as soon as hubby gets home.

Out of Game Preparations:
I’ve been cleaning the house extra as well as catching the laundry up to the last piece of clothing [I usually have one load sitting around].  We’ll be going to the grocery store this evening to get our weekly shopping done and we’ll spend a bit of the evening doing a bit more cleaning.  A little extra now won’t hurt and despite the fact that my son will have the living room trashed again an hour after he gets up… eh…

The hubby isn’t taking time off work [though he technically has a day that he could] so we’re not going to be the first to 85 by any means, but we’ll get there in short order anyway we figure.

Best Advice I Can Give:
Patience is a virtue you should learn/relearn.  Cynwise said it all better than I can.  But what it boils down to [in the words of Cynwise] is “Enjoy the wonder of the new world. Don’t be in a rush to become jaded.”


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Cataclysmic Preparations…”

  1. I’m a bit worried about how quickly we will level. There are already reports of at least one level 85. It took him less than 5 hours to get to 85. Even if he totally rushed things that makes me a little worried about the amount of content between 80-85. Is there really so little content that even an average player can make the run in a free weekend?

    1. This morning we already have an 82 in guild… But my understanding is that experience doubles each level… so each one takes longer. IDK though… will have to see

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