Helpful Cataclysm Links…

Here’s a few blog posts that I found especially helpful or interesting about Cataclysm stuff.  Sorry for this post being basically a link fest… but there’s a lot going on!

Elkagorasa the Casual points us to a wowhead video detailing how to get to the entrances of all the new dungeons.

Hello Tauren has an excellent introduction to the archaeology profession

Sword and Board has some nice tanking cheat sheets for the new dungeons, listing the major boss abilities and what the tank needs to be concerned with…  Frankly I think it’s a good read for anyone of any role.  Part 1 ; Part 2; Part 3.

Bible of Dreams has a FAQ sheet listing all the most common questions you see in chat, from the disappearance of the portals to the new areas and beyond

Analogue did a rather fascinating post making the argument for everyone having a bank alt!  I completely agree that it’s worth it!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “Helpful Cataclysm Links…”

  1. Thanks for the link – and the other links too, the Bible of Dreams one looks especially good!

    BTW my bank alt has been selling all my randomly gathered Cata mats and I’m up 2k gold just from things like cloth and ore. So far.

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