How to Help Yourself Help Yourself

We’ve all done it and we’ve all complained about others doing it…  We’ve all asked that obvious question that totally indicated we hadn’t read the quest text.  There’s an influx of this kind of QQ on general chat in the new zones right now and several of my guildies have complained about it… [I always need a good reminder of why it’s a good idea to leave general chat anyway].  Well, here are three steps to helping yourself if you happen to catch yourself about to commit this evil sin!

1.  Nope, I’m not sending you to quest text yet.  Instead, hit the map key [M].  Now choose the quest you’re doing on the right hand side and then look at your map again and mouse over the dot, wherever it was placed.  It should show how many whatsits you need to kill or how many thingamabobs you need to pick up, as well as the location of said mobs/drops/pick ups.  I’m one that doesn’t often read the quest text in full, so if things aren’t obvious I’ll do this.

2. Quest text.  ‘Nuff said.  Well, okay… here’s more.  Earlier I was doing a bunch of quests in a cave.  And I got to the final one and it was to take out the big boss… Well, I didn’t want to go all the way to the back of the cave only to find he was on the surface… Blizz sometimes likes to pull that on ya!  But I also didn’t want to waste time trying to find him on the surface if he was in the cave.  So I popped up my quest text and lo and behold, my eyes hit the phrase “deeper in the cavern”… so I stayed in the cave and boom… done.

3. Wowhead dot com.  It’s a wonderful site!  Truly!
a. I was doing a quest earlier that required you to press 4 pillars in a certain order.  Now with 4 pillars [none repeating], that leaves 24 possible combinations.  Who wants to waste their time with that?  Well, I hit wowhead and sure enough – in the comments it lists the combination I need and done!

b. Last night hubby and I were doing a quest in Deepholm that requires us to pick up some rum and a rope off of a ship.  Well we ran around a bit, couldn’t find it.  Rechecked the map, read the quest text to the letter… nothing.  So I hit wowhead and sure enough… Johnny Awesome had posted 2 hours before saying that the quest was bugged… and OrkustehAwesome an hour before.  Odds were good it was bugged for me, so.. no more wasted time and I moved on.

c. I was doing yet another quest in Mt Hyjal on an alt and I got to a mob I was supposed to kill and then loot a drop from a box… except every time I tried to loot the box it failed.  And I had people in general chat QQing about it being broken.  So, I naturally hit wowhead.  According to the latest two comments, logging out, deleting your cache and then logging back in would fix it.  So I did… and it did.  I was off into the next quest hub while the same people were still sitting in general and crying about it.

See… now you can help yourself help yourself!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “How to Help Yourself Help Yourself”

  1. Personally, I love it when people put links in general chat. “Let Me WowHead That For You” is a great way to help noobs while also insulting them slightly for their lazy idiocy.

  2. I haven’t been in general chat on any toon that’s played often for a LONG while. It was full of idjits years ago and I’m sure it’s still full of idjits, *especially* now that Cata has come out. I’m usually out of Trade as well. Not worth the aggravation, imo.

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