Stonecore Heroic…

The hubby and I hit 85 on the 11th [his birthday incidently].  And tried our first heroic night before last…  Um… ouch.  We didn’t get past the first trash pack in Halls of Origination Heroic.  Seriously PAINFUL.

Anyway, after some reconsideration, I’ll be doing the lion’s share of heroic tanking for guild groups [I refuse to tank for any pugs right now – I value my sanity too much].  I’ve got slightly better gear in my tanking set, plus hubby going ret as a paladin will give us a Repentance and a Rebuke for CC and Interrupts.  So we queued up for a random tonight as a guild group and got Stonecore Heroic [the one instance I have not practiced tanking on any mode].

Stonecore turned out to be doable… it took a lot of patience and 2 hours of our time.  Trash packs were cc’d as much as possible [usually 3 of the 4 mobs got CC’d just to make life easy] and one at a time is right efficient.

Corborus is a the first boss and he looks like a string of tires – he’s a worm thing.  The biggest things about him are to kill the pink crystals as soon as they pop [they increase damage taken if they hit you] and to not get hit by him in his underground phase [like Anubarak in ToC].  It took us a couple wipes to get the dance down [plus we had a few unlucky moments as the effect of his one-shot from underground seems to be wider than the visual ground marker].  We finally downed him and died from his crystal creatures… but he was down!

Slabhide is a dragon [with no tail swipe amazingly].  You have to run a gauntlet to get to him, staying out of the shadows of the falling stalactites.  Stay out of his lava effect and stay out of shadows on the boss fight to avoid falling things… duck behind the stalactites when he casts the crystal storm and you take no damage, otherwise you die.  It again only took us a couple wipes to down him.

Ozruk is a PAIN.  On heroic mode, he’s the biggest challenge I’ve had to deal with as a tank in a long time.  In one sense, I love it.  The feeling of finally downing him was amazing!  But the tank has to be on their toes [as does everyone] or it’s wipe!  He does a Ground Slam frontal cone attack that the tank MUST dodge completely out of every time or they are one-shot.  He’ll also paralyze the group temporarily [if you’ve damaged him during his bulwark/spike shield phases and have a dot on you then you’ll be popped right out of paralysis.  IMMEDIATELY after paralysis he casts a shatter that will do 150k damage to everyone in 15 yards… so you have to run away.  As a tank the fight is a constant, dodge right, run in, get paralyzed, run away, run back, dodge right, run in, get paralyzed, run away… till someone dies lol.  It’s constant motion and will be a nightmare on pugs.

High Priestess Azli is relatively easy compared to the other bosses.  You stay out of purple crap and dust cloud things and kite the non-elite adds over the purple stuff to make it disappear.  The only bad part was that after suffering all that wonderful agony and frustration of figuring out the fights [oh yes, fun, but intense] she fell through her platform and we couldn’t get the loot off of her.  We filed a ticket but don’t really expect anything to be done.

The only thing I’m going to advise here…  don’t just assume you can pop into heroics because you’re 85.  Even when you have the gearscore for them… don’t assume you can do them.  There is nothing like a group of kingslayers getting their faces smashed into the ground on the first trash pack of a heroic.  Crowd control [CC] is essential.  Interrupts are essential.  Caution is essential.  Consider heroics in Cata to be comparable to the difficulty of raids in LK at LEAST.  These aren’t your Wrath heroics.  And if you can’t dance… you’re going to be eating a lot of floor.

There is no just auto-piloting and going AFK through these dungeons.  The heroic tonight required as much attention as our first Lich King kill and to be honest… felt just as good when we finished it.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Stonecore Heroic…”

  1. Awesome write up. I can’t wait to get into heroics. Just ran regular with a pug and even though it was regular because NOONE knew any of the fights or mob pulls it proved to be very challenging but very fun.
    Consider your site bookmarked:)

  2. I had the same problem when I killed her on Normal mode…. but there is a solution! Go into your keybindings and find the action “Interact With Target,” and bind a key to it (it should be under or near “Targeting Options.” Then, when she falls through the platform, all you need to do is a /target Azli, hit your key, and badaboom, you can has loot!

  3. Fellow femme tank here! I really appreciated your break down on the Ozruk fight. Was beating my bear head against the stone walls trying to get it right with a pug and after reading your flow of the fight, it helped immensely and we downed him! Thanks. 🙂

  4. I am thankful that cata instances aren’t just a stroll through and aoe like they were in wotlk, but to be honest I’m not as optimistic as everyone else is about their difficulty. Some of them are just so overcomplicated and difficult without any margin for error that I’m spending hours in 1 instance before I eventually give up out of exhaustion. I personally think Blizzard overdid it. I’m just not feeling the same excited buzz I used to get from vanilla days as I am convinced these instances are much harder than they were. Instead I’m coming away burned out, frustrated, and disappointed and dreading ever going back there again.

    1. I agree that they are more overtuned than I think they should be. There’s a middle ground that would have been great – more forgiving with a definite threat of failure if you tried to just faceroll and not follow certain mechanics. Unfortunately, they missed that middle ground.

      The time sink in them, even as a tank with guild groups is a pain in the butt.

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