Cash Flow Problems

Our guild reached Guild Level 5 just recently [we’ll hit 6 today] and as a result we got Cash Flow which as the tool tip states means “Each time you loot money from an enemy, an extra 5% money is generated and deposited directly into your guild bank”.  That has already yielded several concerns.

“The guild is taking my money!”
If you read the tool tip, you’ll see that it’s not taking your money, but creating 5% MORE money… money you wouldn’t see if the guild didn’t have cash flow.  So it’s only creating extra, not taking a single copper away from you.

“The guild money doesn’t do me any good”
Well… I can’t speak for every guild.  I know our guild allows a small amount of repairs, and the money accumulating will fund Tab 8 when we get to it.  Our stockpile already funded Tab 7.  In addition, it requires guild money to purchase guild heirlooms it seems for guild use as well as various other perks.  Some of those may be restricted in other guilds, but to a degree if it doesn’t benefit you, you’re lying and/or not able to see what it’s doing or you aren’t participating.  In addition, guild funds and the bank can be used to stockpile resources for crafting gear and so on and so forth.  Also, if you’re brand new to a guild – you can’t expect all the perks all at once.  Give it a little time and contribute yourself 🙂  It is noticed when you do.

“But why can’t I just have a loan/be given the money for epic flight?”
Some guilds may lend money.  Thus far, our guild has chosen not to do so.  Because if we fund one person’s epic flight, why wouldn’t everyone else expect us to fund theirs?  And considering that my hubby went from 200g to 1600g in one day of dailies, money is not hard to come by.  If you want it badly enough, you can easily grind it in a few days.  I’ve funded epic flight by my own funds on 11 toons.  It’s not that difficult even with a small amount of playtime.

Has guild level five caused any of these or similar issues in your guilds?


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “Cash Flow Problems”

  1. So far, people seem to have understood what it does and I haven’t seen anyone having any concerns about it. We opened up guild repairs again a little bit before we hit the level and people seem pretty happy in general 🙂

  2. Folks also have to remember that to unlock guild benefits, it will cost around 50k gold just to access these benefits. The EXTRA 5% gold will pay for it over time, it’s not gold that is taken away from guild members.

  3. Our guild was REALLY excited about the money and our guild bank has had more money than I know what to do with now! I will probably buy another tab soon, though we tend to stockpile junk rather than use the guild bank very functionally. We DO allow repairs from the guild money though, that’s our “perk”. I’m keeping an eye on how much we’re bringing in vs. how much we’re repairing, but I think we’re moving upward for now.

    Most people are pretty excited about all these guild perks. Since I’m still leveling, I’m excited about level 6 today.

  4. Grats! My guild is still level 1, owing to the fact that there are only 2 of us in it and neither of us have the expansion yet. Still, I’m hoping to hit level 2 eventually. Won’t be anywhere near as fast as a real guild, though. 😉

  5. Seriously, if people are moaning about stuff that they do benefiting something or someone *not them* (namely, the gulid balance), they’re really not the sort of person you want in a social or raiding guild anyway – that’s just the mentality of a greedy bastard.

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