Here’s some links to posts that I feel are particularly important or interesting 🙂

Raiding in Cataclysm:
Personal Responsibility and the Decision to Raid – Murloc Parliament [complete with flow chart].
Best Practices for Raid Priority – Mind Spike
Why We Need to Learn How to Fail in WoW – Lowered Expectations
Conclave of Wind – Healer Perspective on the Throne of the Four Winds [must read for all though]
Why Guilds Will Struggle with Al’Akir – Navigating the Z axis can be a challenge for some

Heroics in Cataclysm:
It Came From the Pug – Lodur [on World of Matticus] – Kindness in LFG DOES pay off.
What’s Expected of You? – Confessions of a Girl Gamer
Dual Unto Others – Making use of dual spec – the right way.

Tanking in Cataclysm:
Tank Club – You DO Talk about Tank Club – Darraxus the Warrior
Crowd Control Marking Made Easy [Addon Spotlight] – Tankless Job
Cataclysm Dungeon Cheat Sheets for tanks – Scroll down the blog to find all 4 parts
Heroic SFK – Bear Edition – by Jacemora

Rep Gear for Plate DPS – Herc the Merc

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Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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