Raiding in Burning Crusade

The hubby and I didn’t raid in Vanilla WoW… we didn’t hit level 60 till shortly after Burning Crusade hit in fact.  Our raiding started in Burning Crusade [and so did our raid leading – late in the xpac].  I remember what that time was like.  The guild was younger, had more hot heads and a lot more drama.  Some of it was good, some of it wasn’t.  Some of it I’d do again and some I wouldn’t.

I remember when the best of everything got to go to the 25 man raids.  10 mans were accessible to most, though they required some effort to actually be kept in one.  Raiding, however, wasn’t for everyone.  Skill mattered a lot.

I remember being sat because players better than I were online and as frustrating as it could be, realizing that they paved the way for me to get gear later.

I remember being sat with Hubby because they only had room for one of us… Playing as a couple meant that sometimes you would get sat out as a couple.

I remember raid composition exactly mattering – having to balance melee versus ranged and to take more of certain classes and less of others.

If you didn’t listen or didn’t follow directions, you would either be removed from the raid, be asked to leave, or not invited back the next week.  Phoning it in had real consequences.  The ten man teams stayed in constant flux with usually only your tanks and healers as set in stone [and sometimes not even then].

There were expectations set for all the roles.  Tanks were expected to have a moderate amount of health, and be able to act as stuff happened, or before.  DPS were to manage their threat, be good at whatever crowd control they had and do good dps on top of that.  Healers were always in short supply but were expected to have decent mana pools and be able to do their best at maximizing the mana they had.  Everyone was to have flasks and raid food, required addons and have proper stats.

The Raid Leaders then were very militaristic in style.  You obeyed the chain of command – no question.  If you goofed, expect to be called out on vent to correct the mistake.

We had it good in Lich King.  Many of these things were able to be cheesed or the rules able to be bent.  Only in rare fights could one person truly wipe a raid.  Now, things are different again.  Current raids are going to require a minimum of 10k dps from each dps in the raid.  Some guilds are requiring 17k dps per for the higher content.  You have to be able to dance.

As a raid leader, some of this presents some frustrations.  It’s hard benching people – but in the new content, it’s probably going to have to be done.  Because it’s going to either be that… or take 10/25 people through a series of avoidable, unnecessary wipes – at least until the content is on farm.  And while it might seem like a very matter of fact, necessary decision – I know many people do not understand this.  Instead of using it as a reason to improve, it’s a reason to be upset and hurt.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Raiding in Burning Crusade”

  1. Word.

    I know there’s going to be some interesting times ahead as we start to make baby steps into raiding. In my 10 man, there’s a problem person or two in the sense that they don’t always get out of bad when they should and one of those folks is going to be double trouble, but I’m hopeful things will end up alright.

    I’ve liked Iris’ grouping bunches of us up to do Heroics or regulars, to gear us up and get everyone familiar with their roles (since heroics are like mini raids, or so I hear….only done one so far). Hopefully I’ll get into more soon.

    In a sense, I look forward to a return to the older way of doing things, where brute force and cheese got you far. People need to get out of the bad (the new motto for Cataclysm) or ELSE. People need to be ready to pull their weight. Crowd control matters.

  2. Having only played in the last part of BC, I never experienced the true raiding of that content. As such, the concept of CCing targets was quite new to me and got me in trouble at the beginning of cataclysm.

    I really hope that I won’t be benched this season, though it is looking more likely since some potential raid times do not mesh with my schedule (and the rule is, if you can’t make all the days, you are benched). While I have made some stupid mistakes in Cataclysm, I have amply demonstrated to my raid leaders that I am a very good raider. I do learn from my mistakes and I help out.

  3. I really miss the TBC style of raiding, WOTLK just had it far too easy – looking forward to getting back in and actually working for the phat purplez 🙂

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