Why Guildies Kick People And Bring in Guildies

Yesterday I was sitting and leveling my shaman and on vent hanging out with guildies.  They were doing a regular random and got Grim Batol [2 enh shaman and a holy priest] with 2 pugs – a boomkin and a dk tank from different servers.

The dk tank was doing the now normal run into a pack and expect it to A. magically stay on you and B. that the dps know the order to kill stuff and C. No CC.  The holy priest, a guildie of mine related asking the tank repeatedly to use CC because it was rough going for him.  It didn’t help that the tank was a bit squishy.  Even the boomkin was asking for CC.  The tank flat refused and just kept dashing ahead headfirst into groups.  At the second boss, he rushes a group of adds as the boss is patting back and dies.

It was painful enough at that point that they elected to kick him and asked if hubby or I would bring a tank to come help them finish the run.  I hopped over to Askevar as hubby was finishing some dailies and they kicked the dk and invited me.  We kill the second boss, and move quickly through, using CC.  I probably could’ve taken most groups without it, but they needed the chance to practice their CCs and there’s no need to stress a healer and hey, I don’t mind a relaxed pace myself!

We get to the group right before the third boss and the boomchicken runs ahead and face pulls.  I drop a DND and round up what I can.  One of my guildies died because I literally couldn’t see what was hitting them but fine recovery.  Now to the boss fight.  I pull the boss.  Boomchicken gets an add and goes and stands on top of a dps and explodes.  He does the same to a second dps and then the healer.  I mean, seriously?  After the first explosion they’re screaming at him to move away from the people with the add.  I watch him specifically get on top of the healer and BOOM.

By this point, all the kicks allowed to a group have been used [they’d gone through a drunk dps  and a dps tank before this I think they said].  Well, a couple of us dropped group [one of our people was the lead] and he refused to requeue until the boomchicken left – and left immediately.  We were invited back, picked up hubby on his offspec and breezed through the rest of the instance.

It took us NO time to finish the rest of the instance, especially with a heroic geared tank and a group of people who are working together well.  Why in the world would you go out of your way to wipe the group and give up your chance at a quick, relatively painless finish?  Especially after having been in the instance a bit?

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Why Guildies Kick People And Bring in Guildies”

  1. We had a 4 guildies, one pugged dps run last night. Got stonecore. Got a hunter. Hunter throws a fit when my hubby the tank asks if he’d prefer to trap by pulling one out of the melee or shooting a trap in. Somehow asking this is an offense against reason. We end up with trouble on a pack of trash. Hunter runs off and fake dies. I die for real, release, run back, we finish the pack as the hunter lies there. We kick him, get a lovely well behaved shaman who sticks through us when we decide we hate Stonecore and re-queue and get HOO.

    You win some, you lose some.

  2. Grim Batol is our new Halls of Reflection.

    Tanks that think they can WoTLK dungeon pull in places like Grim Batol, Stonecore or Deadmines w/o cc are not tanking, they are massacring, especially on heroic. We’ve had guildies with a pug tank pull trash and/or boss and leave group. Really dude?

    If anything, the decline of the pugging system based on new content, lower gear, etc., has come to solidify our guild to seek out ANYONE who wants to run a dungeon in the name of not pugging unless time is a factor for waiting for others to get online. oi, the stories.

    The end result is that our guild gets tighter, works better together, and learns to communicate more, problem solve issues, etc. This only helps when we raid.

  3. I’m usually healing instances (since I can’t stand waiting so long to DPS), so I have a pretty simple rule: Use CC or I leave. I’ll ask the group to use CC after the first pull that they don’t use it, say it more firmly with the ultimatum that I’ll leave after the second, and leave on the third (if we haven’t wiped by then, and one wipe because of no CC means I leave immediately). It’s awful how many groups don’t know what they’re doing. I haven’t run a dungeon in days because I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. Maybe by March people will have their heads on straight?

  4. I don’t know in this case. I must admit that I did once intentionally wipe a group (in a manner of speaking). My sister and I were in a HVH and I was healing a horribly undergeared tank.I asked my sister to tab out and check just how far from def-capped he was, so she threw up some dots and tabbed out, missing half a trash pull. Despite tabbing out for half this pull she was still top in dps on the pull and in the dungeon, but they kicked her for “low dps.” So I told them that they were stupid for kicking my sister and I was bailing and immediately ported out. The tank told me to “stfu and heal” and I informed him that I couldn’t reach him from IF and to enjoy his death. But that was more a case of “mess with my family and I mess with you.” I have no idea why someone would just suddenly whack out in a random group.

    1. well I can understand that… I had a group kick my hubby on his dk tank. He was geared but new to the class [though his main is a tankadin]. He let them know this and they just did everything they could to make his life miserable as a tank, then kicked him. I refused to requeue for a new tank after they kicked him and went and sat in the city.

  5. I absolutely hate it when people refuse to CC. CCing really doesn’t take any time after the first couple of marks and it is most assuredly quicker than wiping and running back…wiping and running back…well, you get my drift.

    When tanks run in all willy nilly and expect things to die, I will ask them very politely to utilize our CC abilities. If he refuses, ignores, or gods forbid, becomes rude, I won’t hesitate to initiate a vote kick.

    However, I am intrigued…do these bad players that we kick do the same things in PUG’s as they do in guild groups? I certainly hope not.

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